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PropTech Today - If it's still hurting, see a specialist

Sometimes I think I should have paid more attention to science lessons at school but back then, I never thought I would find myself in the painkilling business.

And yet some considerable number of years after I hung up my satchel for good, I have accepted that that is exactly what we do, here at The ValPal Network (TVPN). We look to find the source of the trouble.

Just like a doctor, we constantly seek out pain points, identify causes and come up with an effective remedy.


Of course, the advantage we have at TVPN is that we know our patients really well and are in constant contact with them.

With over 4000 agents in The ValPal Network we are in the fortunate position of being able to listen to them on a daily basis so we know what irritates and frustrates.

Let’s face it – estate agency is a difficult job. Even when the market is buoyant, the sales journey is full of barriers and pitfalls.

But when, like now, the market is a bit tougher, even the best agents will have to work harder to grow or even maintain their business.

Timing is everything

We’re PropTech and marketing specialists and we know that when the pressure is on, it’s the small, everyday tasks that divert the agents’ energy from the key areas where their skills can make the biggest difference – like negotiations, client interactions and property inspections.

For most agents, that’s where PropTech offers the most valuable solutions – when they don’t have to sweat over the small stuff, they can direct their expertise to where it matters most – for their business and their clients. Technology offers an opportunity to work smartly.

So, when we get the opportunity to offer a service that will relieve some pain, something that we know will work well for our clients, ease a pain point – we know that we’re doing our job properly.

For example, we recently launched a new product for estate agents that uses AI to create bespoke property descriptions.

Nothing particularly revolutionary in that, right? After all, AI has been everywhere this year.

But the thing about technology is that it’s ever-changing, ever-improving as well as, these days, ever-present. But timing is all-important and when you’re in the painkilling business, it’s always better to make sure the remedy works effectively before you write a prescription.

 In the case of our AI-powered description generator, we waited until we were sure the technology we offered did exactly what we said it could do. And it does.

Using only a few basic details and a selection of property photographs, the software automatically writes a detailed description which can be customised for every channel or target market – even producing a script for video presentations.

We’re confident It will transform the way estate agents create listings.  

Let’s face it, writing compelling descriptions can be a daunting task and finding the right words to capture the essence of a property is time-consuming and often challenging – not to mention the different versions needed for website, portals and social media.

Unique voice

Based on the information contained in the photographs, this tool generates listings options just seconds after the images have been uploaded.

The user can then edit and tweak the copy using a ‘Modify’ function driven by the AI technology.

It will allow agents to create numerous versions of the listing to suit any marketing channel.

Descriptions can be customised to match the agency's unique voice, so they still feel personal and seamlessly align with their brand and they will also improve the property listings' search engine ranking.

To learn more about it you can click here.

Being able to offer some pain relief is a great thing. The problem is there’s a lot of pain about.

Take a seat and tell me where it hurts.


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