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Zoopla boss: 'We are well placed to improve the home buying process'

Zoopla chief executive Charlie Bryant has revealed aspirations for the portal to play a key role in the home buying process.

Speaking on the Evening Standard’s How To Be A CEO podcast, Bryant said future homebuyers expect the homebuying process to be more personalised and technologically and data driven.

But he warned the property industry has been slow to catch up and meet the demands of this trend.


Bryant said: “We want to take  the stress away from homeownership and use our data to bring more transparency to the process.

“Twenty years ago you could search for property by value or postcode and it is the same today.

“That is not the experience when you, for example, buy a book or go shopping.

“There is a more curated and personalised experience, property is not there.”

Bryant said the next generation think differently about how they buy products and services, which will become the same for property.

He added: “People think of Zoopla as a property listings site but we are also the largest supplier of software to agents, provide CRM for builders and risk data for mortgage lenders.

“We are present in so many parts of the chain so almost feel duty bound to link it up.”

  • Samantha Sullivan

    Missed out how you stab your paying customers in the back by telling 3rd parties (buyers) on how to push your customers fee down too. I'm expecting an reduction of the same, looking forward to the next rep call.


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