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Covid Reminder - Face masks legally required in all agents’ offices

Face masks are legally required in estate and letting agents from today according to new government guidance released overnight.

The guidance makes explicit reference to estate and letting agents, solicitors, and auction houses.

The rules formally came into force at 4am this morning and will be reviewed in three weeks’ time. 


Those refusing to comply will face a fine of £200 for a first offence, doubling on each subsequent offence up to a maximum of £6,400.

“Wearing a face covering can reduce the risk to others and yourself against the spread of infection because they cover the nose and mouth, which are the main confirmed sources of transmission of the virus that causes coronavirus infection (COVID-19)” says the guidance, which you can see here.

  • Patrick Sullivan

    The guidelines state public facing. So if your office is closed to the public then do staff need masks at their desks ?

  • icon

    Government website says ‘required’ where does it say ‘legally’?? There is a fine line.

    Lenny White

    Hi Jack, I think the answer lies here, "Those refusing to comply will face a fine of £200 for a first offence, doubling on each subsequent offence up to a maximum of £6,400."

  • Algarve  Investor

    Such an easy thing to do, unless you're exempt. Minimally uncomfortable, but in no way an imposition on liberty in the way some people seem to think.

    I wonder if compliance will be so high now after the advice softened for so long - there has been a very noticeable fall in mask-wearing in shops, the Tube, buses and trains, so it could take some time for this to go back the other way. Estate agents, in public-facing roles, have a role to play in setting the right example.


    ' setting the right example', even though there is no real world evidence they have any effect whatsover.

  • Hit Man

    Not according to public health England.
    The Regulations were laid at 5pm on 29 November, and contain no reference to estate agents, letting agents or auctions houses.

    • N W
    • 30 November 2021 15:23 PM

    but if you look on the government web site it clearly states estate agents and auction houses.

  • icon

    I do not believe that it will go to court for £240. Its not a law and I wont be doing it. Ask any scientist/google how long a disposable mask works for. Its all a load of rubbish.


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