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Special visitor at estate agency… well, it’s Christmas after all

Welcome to the weekend - and there are just two of these left before Christmas, so it’s time to hit the shops or the computer for some much-needed retail therapy. 

But before you do, spare a few moments for our latest array of pictures from agents who have kindly responded to our call for some Christmas cheer in these strange times.

Everyone here emailed press@estateagenttoday.co.uk to send their pictures or videos - please do the same and we can raise a smile at branches across the country. Thanks!



First off today we have a short, sharp and very sweet message from the team at GLB Property Services in Coventry.

This was submitted by office manager Claire Riley and shows the company’s corporate Christmas message and a spectacular tree - thanks so much Claire.

Next we go to South Wales, and the cheery team from Watts & Morgan’s Cowbridge office. 

Matt Jones kindly sent in this image of a spectacularly decorated frontage and window for the branch, and if you look at the brief video too you’ll see a seasonal visitor - a brief visit to Wales ahead of his global exploits on December 25.

Thanks for this Matt, and congratulations on such a beautiful office!

Have a great weekend everybody, and do please check in for a Christmas video on Monday…

Special visitor at estate agency… well, it’s Christmas after all


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