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Party Poopers: Tory estate agency chiefs at odds over Boris Johnson

Two prominent estate agency chiefs, both members of the Conservative Party, have both tweeted their opposition to some of the policies agreed at this week’s Labour party conference - but they have also shown how divided the Tories are over Boris Johnson. 

James Wyatt is a partner in Barton Wyatt, a high profile estate agency operating from Virginia Water in Surrey. He has been outspoken on Twitter in recent weeks about, firstly, the election of Boris Johnson to Prime Minister and then about his performance in office. 

Earlier this month, before the latest Brexit controversies reached a crescendo, he wrote on Twitter: ‘Prime Minister Boris Johnson. You must let Conservative MPs act in the Country’s best interest. If you withdraw the whip from those who dare to question your moronic policies, party members like me will leave the party and I will withdraw my (considerable) financial support.”


More recently - and before the ‘unlawful’ judgement this week - Wyatt tweeted “Time to close the Tower of London and prepare it for Boris Johnson” and after the Supreme Court’s decision on Tuesday he used social media to say that the PM should resign.

Less surprisingly, Kevin Hollinrake - the chairman of the giant Hunters franchise, who ia slo the Conservative MP for Thirsk, Malton & Filey - takes a very different view.

In a tweet he says: “Seems pretty clear that PM acted in good faith following legal advice that prorogation was lawful. Supreme Court disagree and govt will abide by ruling. Still best way forward is revised deal and for Parliament to honour its obligations to vote for it and leave on 31/10.”

Political analysts from online, and broadcast organisations and newspapers have suggested that Tory MPs have been advised to express the line that the government ‘respectfully disagrees’ with the unanimous view of the Supreme Court judges. 


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