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Deaths, break-ups, dodgy neighbours - why buyers pull out of deals

Almost inevitably on Halloween, there’s a report today on the horror stories that deter buyers - but it may well be that this throws a light on why so many potential sales fall through.

Data from online bank First Direct suggests that 43 per cent of all buyers claim that problem neighbours would deter them from buying, while 21 per cent would be put off by a death in the property they intended to purchase.

Relationship break-ups, unlucky street names or house numbers or rumours of hauntings make up the rest of the top five reasons behind a buyer getting cold feet.


Younger people proved to be the most superstitious with just over a quarter of 21 to 34 year olds refusing to consider a house where someone had died, while only 12 per cent of those over 65 would be put off from making an offer.

Women were also more concerned about inheriting a potential house of horrors, with 47 per cent concerned about creepy neighbours versus 38 per cent of men.

First-time buyers were more bothered about skeletons in the closet than subsequent house-buyers - 25 per cent wouldn’t buy a house where someone had died, whereas only 14 per cent of second time buyers felt they would be affected. 

Around one in 20 first time buyers wouldn’t buy a house where someone had divorced.


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