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Going green: Agent sells car and instead walks and cycles everywhere

Estate agents don’t necessarily have the most eco-friendly image as an industry - but here’s one who’s really making a statement about going green.

Sanjive Mahandru is the owner-director of Muskaan Estates, a single office agency based in Smethwick, Birmingham: his company handles sales as well as having around 40 lettings properties under management for landlord clients.

So far, so ordinary - but Sanjive dispensed with his company’s car 18 months ago and walks or cycles to viewings, market appraisals and when he meets landlords or tenants.


The distances involved are not short: in addition to properties near his office he handles sales and lettings elsewhere in Birmingham, as well as in Wolverhampton and even Middlesbrough.

“It’s not a case of losing my licence - I deliberately sold the car because it’s time to make a stand. I walk if the properties are close or I put the bike on the train and cycle in Wolverhampton or Middlesbrough” Sanjive told Estate Agent Today.

He says some areas of Birmingham in particular are deeply polluted. 

“Estate agents sometimes have a poor image generally and especially about the environment. So 18 months ago I decided to do something about it.”

His green credentials do not stop there. 

In addition he makes a point of shopping and using local services, often from clients. “I buy all my food locally and get accountancy and laundry services from clients. It’s not a case of wanting to support my clients as much as wanting to stay local and cut down on unnecessary travel” explains Sanjive.

EAT thinks this is a great idea - it’s not appropriate everywhere of course, but if you or your agency is doing something practical to be environmentally-friendly, please let us know on press@estateagenttoday.co.uk.

  • Chris Arnold

    Brilliant, Sanjive.
    Love, love, love the local community aspect. Tell your story, shout it from the rooftops. You, my friend, are an inspiration in this digital landscape.


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