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Sex, Drugs and Property: is this about your office? and who is Agent X?

It may be a stunt to drive book sales or it may be a true-life expose of what really goes on in an agency office ... either way, Estate Agent Today received an unusual email yesterday.

Purporting to come from an agent in the north of England, who wished to remain anonymous, it read: 

“I currently work for a large organisation in the estate agent world and I am based in north west. A friend of mine, recently read a book and then sent me a copy and I am convinced the people represented in this book are the people I work with. A lot of the stories ring true. It is a book about, sex and drugs in the industry and is quite an insight into life in the corporate world.”

There was an accompanying link - predictably to the book’s site on Amazon.

The book is called For Sale: Sex, Drugs and Property and it is a slim (and by all appearances a self-published) volume at just 131 pages. 

A read of the preview suggests it may be high on gossip and short on grammar, but here’s an extract about a sales conference attended by the author, a new agent:

“We parked up at a nearby car park where every member of the company in their identical company cars were parked up and making their way towards the hotel. If ever there was a justification for hating estate agents then it was right then as I watched all these slick hair-gelled t***s in pin striped suits walking with a swagger like they owned the hotel.”

By the time the author reaches the end, however, he has changed his opinion - to some extent, at least:

“Agents, including myself, may not be the nicest people, may not be the most innocent but I speak from experience when I say they work hard for the money.”

And of the money, the author claims to have earned £300,000 for his company in two and a half years before going into agency management. As he puts it himself “No wonder they turned a blind eye to my affair.”

Here’s the link - it looks like the book’s by a traditional old school agent as there’s no Kindle online version.

Make of it what you will! 

[Feel free to send a proper review copy next time?! - Ed]


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