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Best smell for selling White tea and fig...We're used to the public mocking agents and sellers for resorting to the smell of freshly baked bread and coffee to convince buyers they're entering the home of their dreams - but it seems we've been getting it wrong all the time.

House-builder Millgate says the clinching aroma is actually....white tea and fig.

The firm has hired ScentAir, a company it describes as global scent innovators, to test which smell is most persuasive in a show home. And white tea and fig is it.

Scent is a powerful way to connect on emotional and memorable levels with our customers, forging a greater association when a buyer first walks into a Millgate home says a spokesman.

The firm then goes all AbFab by saying: After extensive testing and consideration, we selected the white tea and fig scent as the blend creates a soothing, luxurious environment. From its roots in China, white tea is renowned for its health benefits whilst fig exudes a sophisticated yet subtle scent which appeals to our buyers.


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