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Interview of HeyJuno
Written by the Estate Agent Today team
Interview About the Venture

1.             Who are you and what do you do?

HeyJuno Property is a business dedicated to empowering estate and letting agents throughout the UK to increase their revenues through a comprehensive affiliate program and exclusive products designed to combat ever-changing legislation.

2.             What is the most satisfying part of your job?


For estate and letting agents, it’s all about solving problems and seeing our client’s businesses grow with us. For landlords, providing greater assurance over their rental properties following the tenant fees ban, improving the relationship between them and their tenants and to provide them with easier access to a range of insurance, mortgage and protection packages.

3.             Where did HeyJuno Property come from?

Our co-founders have combined years of industry experience within property, insurance, digital marketing, design and print. Having worked together for several years on various projects, we have combined forces to bridge a gap in the property market – one that we feel only our combined expertise can solve.

4.             When did you decide to start this business?

Together, we have been working independently with the property market for years.

HeyJuno Property has been in the pipeline for more than 18-months. We finally decided to turn our ideas into a reality in 2018 and have been working to build the business ever since.

We approached our existing customers in the industry and pitched the business idea. It has been extremely popular so far and we have been adding services and products to our offering as and when a requirement for them has arisen.

5.             What is your company striving to achieve?

We aim to be a complete end-to-end services company for the property industry – helping agents, landlords and tenants by solving common issues faced in today’s UK property sector.

6.             What message should agents take away from your branding?

That we’re young, dynamic, ambitious and open for business. We’re natural problem solvers and can move fast. If an agency is struggling with a specific problem, we want to be the ones to build the solution.

7.             What do each of your business partners bring to the table?

Each of our partners brings something different to the table. It’s important that we have the right mix of experience and talent to make our ideas a reality. The various resources and skillsets contributed by each of our partners enables us to act quickly and implement effective initiatives that will benefit our own business and our clients’.

8.             What motivated you to start this business venture?

Our business was launched specifically to help letting agents navigate the property market in the run-up to (and after) the Tenant Fees Ban which comes into play in May 2019. Our flag ship product, the Deposit Replacement Scheme (DRS) will help letting agents replace revenues that will be lost following the ban on admin fees and at the same time is a win/win/win for agents, landlords and tenants.

As well as the DRS, we can offer a comprehensive portfolio of insurance products to an estate and letting agency’s existing and future clients – all of which will earn them additional revenue in the form of commissions. Through our trusted partners, we can also offer digital marketing support, design and print services to help our clients grow further.

9.             What is the biggest challenge you have faced and how did you overcome it?

Ensuring that we are equipped enough to respond to changing government laws and with the right solutions. The unknown itself has been a challenge but to counter this we have worked with a considerable number of estate and letting agents over the last 18-months to make sure that we get it right first time.

10.           What is your long-term ambition for HeyJuno?

HeyJuno Property is an entry point for: (Marketing, Digital, Print, Tech, Telecoms, Utilities, Insurance, Mortgage, Protection, Loans)


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