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Veyo - the conveyancing portal which has still not launched - has been nominated in five categories of an international brand development and reputation management awards event.

The portal was to have launched in late March but now looks likely to appear in May at the earliest.

As reported on Estate Agent Today, the Law Society claims that just under a half of conveyancing firms in England and Wales have now registered on the system. The joint venture between The Law Society and IT firm Mastek (UK) says it will charge registered users £20 per transaction plus an annual administration charge of £50.

Veyo's promoters claim that the current average conveyancing time - 11.3 weeks - could be cut by up to two weeks if parties are on' the system and use it to its fullest degree.

Estate agents will be able to use the chain view' for each transaction which will show the exchange/completion status of each property in the chain online, and in detail, if firms on the other transactions have chosen to disclose them to the portal.

So far, around 80 agents have signed up although it has not been revealed if a fee is payable by agents to use the service.

Judges at the 2015 Transform Europe Awards have shortlisted Veyo for the Best creative strategy, Best strategic/creative development of a new brand, Best visual identity from the professional services sector, Best visual identity from the property sector and Best visual identity from the technology, media & telecommunications sector categories.


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    Winning awards before they've even launched How does that work

    That's a new one on me. Don't you actually have to prove you worth before gaining awards

    • 16 April 2015 12:44 PM
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    Who cares about marketing awards, when is the launch

    Only 80 agents have registered an interest, that's not very many is it

    • 16 April 2015 10:44 AM
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    I may be a bit biased but I do believe that Hoowla has a fantastic visual identity in the property sector and a great creative strategy to add. We also have Estate Agents, Conveyancers and their clients working together progressing cases to completion.

    • 16 April 2015 10:30 AM
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    "...an award that is linked to marketing/PR is stretching it, unless total accuracy in both is not a pre-requisite."

    I think you only have to read the utter billshut from the "Marketing/PR" bods that have the neck to post here and 'the other pub' to clarify that point for once and for all, Rob...!

    • 16 April 2015 07:55 AM
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    Lets be very clear:

    "Just under a half of conveyancing firms in England and Wales have now registered on the system." that should read, "registered an interest on the system."

    I have to admit I quite like the name and the logo and an
    award for those might be in order (certainly neither seem as controversial as Quality Solicitors was), but an award that is linked to marketing/PR
    is stretching it, unless total accuracy in both is not a pre-requisite.

    Strong statements have been made recently by, Sholto Lindsay-Smith, strategy director at brand strategy consultancy, Industry :

    We believe Veyo will become a household name that is
    synonymous with a more efficient, transparent and speedier home buying process. Veyo will do for conveyancing what Rightmove has done for house

    and Elliott Vigar, CEO of Veyo:

    Veyo is set to become a household name.

    Lets hope that with Veyo it is not a case of (excuse the
    idiom), all fur coat and no knickers.

    Only time will tell. By the way, does anyone know when that time will actually
    begin, because I cant obtain that information from Veyo at the moment despite my repeated requests.

    If any of the 80 estate agents who have registered would like to contact me (rh@boldgroup.co.uk), please do. I would like to know, in strict confidence, why you have registered and what benefits you hope to get from Veyo.

    • 16 April 2015 05:47 AM
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