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The car rental market is actively developing in countries with growing economies. Since the beginning of 2021, there has been a trend towards sports car rentals. It's expected, that the CAGR will grow by about 15% by 2025 in the car rental industry.

Today, expensive car rentals are especially popular in Dubai, where luxury is common. Luxury vehicles booking is in great demand not only among locals but also among tourists. They take cars for a few days to drive, take a souvenir photo, and experience all the amenities that such a vehicle can provide.

So, let's see the trends the luxury car rental industry set this year.

Sport cars rental

In recent years, sports cars have been gaining more and more popular among fans of expansiveness. This trend has begun to develop around the world since 2021. As you know, Dubai became the central location for driving such cars. Due to the great excitement, tourists book luxury cars long before coming to rest in Dubai. Locals also follow trends and rent sports vehicles for special occasions (take a photo for memories, drive around the city, take a rest).

The car is an integral part of everyday life

Now people who don't have their vehicle often use car rental services. This is mostly due to the pandemic when people prefer to use less public transport. Of course, we are talking about expensive cars. The demand is growing for these cars and they are becoming more affordable for people who live or work in Dubai.

The need for diversity

Around the world, the trend of diversification is spread to everything - the arrangement and design of your apartment, pets, clothing style, beauty, etc. It gives people the opportunity to choose what they like to feel better.

So, in every developed country, the latest car models are supplied. This makes them a kind of luxury car hubs, that forces connoisseurs to come together in one place to drive and try something completely new.

For example, if you prefer a Lamborgini rent in Dubai, which is the center of such extravagant cars, it won't be difficult to find a good vehicle booking company.

The need for technology

Technology is something that modern car manufacturers can boast of. Most luxury vehicles are now more innovative, more technologically advanced, and safer. They are equipped with various advanced features such as keyless start, built-in 360 cameras, and 4G connection, seats with cooling and heating functions, traffic light sensors, gear shift buttons, built-in night vision, etc.

All this makes the car not just unique but also comfortable. For many drivers, it's very important to have a seat that is equipped with an automated massager. With that, they can travel long distances comfortably without back pain, stress, and enjoy the ride. So, luxury cars manufacturers should take care of their reputation and produce cars taking into account the modern pace of life and the customers' needs.

New brands acceptance

It isn't a surprise, that people have become more open to new brands. And this applies not only to cars. The emergence of something new is an experience, comparisons, and the ability to choose something best. In addition to drivers, this trend is especially attractive to car dealers who seek to gain a foothold in the international or global car markets and make their brand one of the most recognizable.

The rental companies are also getting an advantage from the luxury car booking business. Any consumer has the opportunity to rent the desired brand vehicle, but within a certain price category, taking stock of the conveniences that he needs.

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