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One of how homeowners improve the value of their property is through the addition of garden rooms. Decades ago, many homeowners would have considered expensive extension projects like a conservatory, as a viable way of adding value to a property. But today, garden rooms are regarded as one of the most affordable extensions to any property. 

A good reason for adding an extension to your home is by enhancing your property's value. But, adding a garden room is a big project and will need a lot of investments. The cost would go up if, at the same time, you are planning to invest in quality composite decking materials as well.

Let's explore how much value do garden rooms add to a property. 

The value of a garden room

A study published in the Telegraph newspaper two years ago laid out how investment in a garden room can significantly boost your property's value. For instance, if you invest £7,763 in a garden room, it could potentially increase your home value up to £45,722.

We must add that many factors can determine if your property's value will be that exact amount after the initial investment in a garden room. Factors such as location, home size and aesthetics matter considerably. In places like London, where houses are priced expensively, a great way to attract high interest while upping your property's valuation is by creating a home extension for hobbies, relaxation or work. 

In many parts of the country, we have met many homeowners, who swear that garden rooms are affordable solutions to creating a home extension and adding space to their property. It has been said that a garden room can increase property value by not less than 5%. 

Garden rooms are highly beneficial. They are more affordable than an attic or loft conversion. Also, Garden rooms are characterised by a speedy building phase (can be completed in less than a week), resulting in minimal disruption to family life. Built with composite cladding and cladding materials, many people use garden rooms for many purposes. Garden rooms can serve as a gym, spare room, relaxation hub, office, etc. 

Other benefits of garden rooms include:

Increases your home's floor space

Homebuyers always look out for how much potential floor space a home possesses. This is one of the reasons for the surge in the use of open-plan home design. With the removal of walls, there is an increase in space flexibility and square footage. A great benefit of a garden room is that it adds to your property's floor space. Your potential buyer will be free to utilise your garden room space for whatever he or she desires.

Improves your garden aesthetics

With the addition of a garden room, your garden will look more beautiful. The sight of your garden room amid your garden will be visually pleasing, and the potential buyer will savour the thought of enjoying the comfort of the serene environment. Garden rooms are not just an 'extra building'. They enhance your home's appearance, improve its curb appeal and add distinctiveness to your property. 

Highly appealing to entrepreneurs and professionals. 

Quality garden rooms increase your property's appeal, especially to entrepreneurs and business proprietors. This is because garden rooms can serve as an office. Entrepreneurs will be ready to pay more for your home just because there is a conducive place to work from home – garden room. They will relish the thought of saving expenses of furnishing and equipping an office themselves. 

Facilitate Faster Sale

A garden room instils an awe-inspiring feature to your home. It creates a pleasant first impression and gives your home that distinctiveness, setting it apart from other homes in your neighbourhood. Assuming four 'for-sale' properties look alike in your area and the one that belongs to you has a garden room, your house will stand out and appeal immensely to home buyers. This increases your home appeal and the probability of a faster sale, without having to make any compromise on the asking price. 

Things to consider before building a garden room

Here are some factors you may need to consider before adding a garden room to your property:

  • When drawing up the plans for your garden room, ensure you pick a size that is not too big or small for your garden space. Try as much as possible to see that the structure does not engulf your garden space. Experts recommend at least a 2.5m by 2.5m dimension. 

  • Always consider the practicalities as you plan your garden room. You wouldn't want excessive sun and heat in your garden room in summer. This will help you prevent that. 

  • Low maintenance and time-saving option for your garden room is composite cladding. While wooden walls will demand frequent staining and spraying, composite cladding is impervious to weather elements and is not prone to fading, pest attack and discolouration. This means it does not require expensive paints and pesticides. It is also durable and can retain its beauty after decades. 

Final thoughts

The key to increasing your property value is a high-quality garden room. A low-quality garden room will never be appealing to potential buyers, as it will even downgrade the value of your property.

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