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If you want to earn some money by having an apartment for rent, make sure you have read our article to see the top tips to increase your rental property’s value!

Having an apartment for rent is extremely trendy these days, as it is one of the easiest ways you can become a real estate investor. But are you sure you know all the guidelines on how to pad the profit margin with your rental property?

If you do, then congratulations! But if you do not, let us help you! In our article today, we will provide you with the top tips on how to increase the value of your apartment for rent in Ho Chi Minh city.

The Best Ways to Increase the Value of an Apartment for Rent

1. Invest in high-quality windows.

Most apartments are a bit limited in size, which can make tenants feel stuffy. While you cannot extend the square footage of the flat, you can always make it seem bigger and more spacious with a good set of windows.

We would recommend that you go for the full glass windows as they can optimize the lighting system of the apartment and create a more airy atmosphere for your rental property.

Also, make sure that you stay away from thick, heavy fabrics like velvet when it comes to the window curtains. Materials like linen or cotton are much more preferable thanks to their lightweight and transparency. And pay attention to the colors! Light, pastel shades like blue or nude will be better than warm tones like gold or red.

2. Improve the lighting system.

No one wants to live in a dark and poorly lit space. The lighting system is something worth your investment, as it can significantly add to the value of your Vinhomes Central Park apartment for rent.

There are plenty of ways in which you can upgrade your home lighting. Besides using full glass windows as we have mentioned before, let’s consider putting mirrors at certain spots. Nothing reflects light better than well-positioned mirrors, trust us!

Another way to enhance the effectiveness of the lighting system is to use different types of bulbs for various purposes. For example, your tenant would love a sparking living room with white ceiling lights, but yellowish night lamps in the cozy bedroom will win their hearts.

3. Create a theme for the apartment.

If your apartment for rent has a theme, it will leave a good impression on potential tenants. Below are some ideas on the most popular decor themes for your home.


  • Minimalist. If you choose to follow this style, make sure that you cut down on all the unnecessary stuff. Do not bother to buy tangling hanging trees or colorful indoor lanterns. Instead, opt for anything that appears to be simple and neat. In other words, turn your apartment into space where people do not feel overwhelmed at the decor, and let them seek comfort from the most basic utilities.

  • French country. This decor theme focuses on the use of warm and earthy colors. Red, brown, yellow, gold,... are the most common hues, accompanied by heavy use of wooden furniture. Porcelain sculptures and floral curtains are another way to add the French element to your apartment.

  • Bohemian. This style aims at giving people the freedom they wish, so there are few rules involved in how you should decorate your home. However, you might want to know some shared traits of most Bohemian homes. The emphasis on vintage furniture, with woven rugs and souvenirs placed around the house as ornaments distinguish a Bohemian home from any other theme.

4. Make sure the kitchen is up-to-date.

The kitchen is one of the most frequently used rooms inside an Masteri Thao Dien apartment for rent, which is why you have to make sure it is of good value. Invest in a LED overhead light and let the kitchen feel clean and shiny. A dual sink will help reduce the burden of meal prep, while a mini dishwasher makes sure no one has to deal with the messy dishes after eating.

If the kitchen floor of your apartment is made from wood, we strongly recommend that you change it to porcelain tiles. Not only are they more durable and less susceptible to moisture, but they also make your kitchen look more stylish and modern.

5. Keep the bathrooms neat and tidy.



Apart from the kitchen and bedrooms, bathrooms are also a high-traffic space inside a house. So what can you do to increase the attractiveness of a bathroom?

  • A shower head. Many people enjoy having a bathtub, but the space of a typical apartment does not allow such a luxury. In this case, having a shower head with multiple settings can be an acceptable replacement.

  • Well-ventilated environment. If controlled poorly, the bathroom will feel too humid and stuffy, which can be a huge turn-off for tenants. You can fix this problem by incorporating exhaust fans, which can regulate the airflow and reduce the high level of moisture.

  • Smart storage. Compartment trays, layered drawers, and custom cabinets placed smartly can make the most out of a bathroom, however small it is.

  • High-quality faucets. Nothing is more off-putting than a leaky, rusty faucet. Make sure all the fixtures inside the bathroom are properly sealed.

In Conclusion

Having an apartment for rent can be lucrative, but knowing how to upgrade the rental property will sure increase your profit. Make sure you have bookmarked our article for future reference!

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