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Top 10 Tips for Moving Overseas by International Removals Experts 1st Move International.

04 October 2023 3055 Views
Top 10 Tips for Moving Overseas by International Removals Experts 1st Move International.

Moving overseas can be an exciting yet stressful endeavour. As international removals experts who have been helping people emigrate abroad for over 25 years, we know the ins and outs of navigating a smooth international move.

If you're planning to relocate overseas, here are our top 10 tips to make your move stress-free:

1. Plan Well in Advance.
Give yourself at least 6-8 months lead time to organize visas, sort affairs in your home country, and plan ahead. Visa applications take time, so submit paperwork early.

2. Research Thoroughly.
Research where you'll live, work opportunities, cost of living, and anything related to your new overseas life. Look at real estate listings for housing costs and join expat groups to connect with others who've already moved. Being informed eases the transition. Consider longer term rentals in different areas to familiarise yourself with a location which better suits your or your family.

3. Sort Out Your Finances.
Get finances in order by closing or transferring bank accounts, investments, insurance policies etc. Speak to a financial advisor about the best options for transferring money overseas. Be aware you may incur international transfer or exchange fees. Some countries allow you to transfer your state pension. Research and understand these matters.

4. Declutter!
Now is the time for a thorough clean out of your home. Anything you don't need can be sold, donated, recycled, or discarded. International shipping is based on volume so less clutter means lower costs. Old beds and sofas are very high volume, and so can add extra costs to your shipping fees. These can easily be replaced overseas, usually at a cheaper cost than shipping.

5. Use a Reputable Mover like 1st Move International
Trust your belongings only to an experienced international removals company. As relocation specialists, 1st Move International provides frequent shared container services worldwide so you won't wait months for the next available sailing. Make sure your mover is a member of the British Association of removers.

6. Cancel Utilities & Services.
Contact utility companies, insurance providers etc. to cancel services in your home country. Make a list of subscriptions and memberships to avoid paying for things unused after moving.

7. Book Temporary Accommodation.
Arrange short-term housing for when you first arrive until you find permanent housing. Booking a serviced apartment for 2-4 weeks provides a base to start your adventure abroad.

8. Ship Essentials Separately.

Put together a box of essentials you'll need when arriving - clothes, toiletries, medications, electronics, important documents etc. You can ship this express so it's waiting at your temporary lodging.

9. Transfer Records

Contact your doctor, dentist, optician etc. to request transfer of medical records and prescriptions to overseas practitioners. Make copies of educational transcripts and vet records for pets to bring along.

10. Tell everyone.
Here is a list of people and companies you should notify when moving overseas:

  • Banks and financial institutions - Notify all banks where you hold accounts. Also, investment firms, pension providers, insurance companies.

  • Utility companies - Electricity, gas, water, internet, cable/satellite TV, home phone. Cancel accounts or change address.

  • Government services - HMRC for taxes, DVLA for driver's license, passport office, electoral roll, GP and NHS.

  • Memberships - Gym, subscriptions, loyalty programs, associations. Put on hold or cancel.

  • Professional services - Accountant, doctor, dentist, optician, mechanic, vet. Transfer records.

  • Employers/pension - Current and past employers for pensions and tax records.

  • Property - Landlord, rental agencies, property manager. Terminate lease if renting.

  • Insurance - Health, life, home, car, travel. Update address and cards.

  • Mobile phone provider - Change billing address and unlock phone.

  • Online accounts - Update address on shopping sites, social media, forums etc.

  • Miscellaneous - Loyalty cards, magazine subscriptions, charities.

  • Make sure to keep copies of any change of address confirmations you receive. Also file a mail forwarding request with the UK Post Office.

Relocating internationally may seem daunting, but thorough preparation and planning will ensure you and your belongings arrive safely. As International Removals Experts with 25 years of moving folks overseas, 1st Move International is here to guide you every step of the way.
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