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Why fast TV and broadband will remain highly important post-lockdown

08 July 2021 9744 Views
Why fast TV and broadband will remain highly important post-lockdown

As we slowly ease out of lockdown and back to something closer to normality, some legacies of the pandemic will be long-lasting.

One of the biggest adaptations likely to stay is the shift towards remote working, which many are keen to continue even after lockdown ends. While some companies are now encouraging people back to the office, others are not, and most are offering the option of a hybrid or flexible working pattern.

The majority of office workers would appear to favour a hybrid approach – where they split working days between the office and home – however others favour working from home on a permanent basis, having appreciated the lack of a commute and the extra freedom and flexibility this has provided.

It’s clear that the previous ways of working are unlikely to return,

and with this in mind, the importance of good TV and internet packages has arguably become more important than ever to home-movers. Broadband speeds need to be fast, reliable and consistent, given more people are now relying on them for work, and TV remains a favourite form of escapism and entertainment.


The importance of a seamless moving experience

With the ongoing stamp duty holiday and the recent introduction of the 95% mortgage guarantee scheme, the property market’s momentum shows no signs of stalling and record numbers of people are making their home moves.

As everyone knows, moving home is often cited as one of life’s most stressful events and – within all the hubbub – movers can forget to order broadband and TV services in advance, potentially leaving them with no connection on day one.

Before, it might have been an inconvenience not to have an internet connection or TV service on the day you moved, but now with an increased reliance and need for connectivity, it’s likely to be critical for many movers, especially those who are working from home on a full or part-time basis.

These movers will want their internet and TV services to be installed and ready to go from the off, and agents can ensure this happens by partnering with a provider like Virgin Media and offering a bespoke service to their customers, which will see installation achieved as soon as possible.  

Modern-day consumers, more than ever, will be searching for efficiency, convenience, flexibility and tech-led solutions. At the same time, traditional skills such as good communication will be vitally important in understanding the needs of clients and facilitating these demands.

We know there is a growing requirement for agencies to offer an all-in-one package – for the added convenience and the simple life this provides.

Equally important, are the core principles of great customer service and unrivalled local knowledge, which are arguably more critical in an agency than any other profession.

The very best agents can help to guide consumers through a rapidly evolving market – which has been changed radically by Covid-19 – with the minimum of stress.


Facilitating a smooth moving process

With movers looking to minimise stress during this busy period, excellent communication is key, and agents should support movers by providing as much information as early as possible in the process to help to reduce the chances of issues further down the line. This applies to technology installations, too.

Agents can adapt to a more digital future – supercharged by the pandemic, which has accelerated the tech revolution by years - by offering ultrafast broadband and great TV to their consumers before exchange of contracts or at the referencing stage.

After this point, agents can work with their clients to ensure they then install these products and services at a time that is right for them. For many, homes set up with internet and TV from day one will be the dream.

Virgin Media, a household brand renowned for its premium products and ultrafast speeds, aims to link more and more people to great technology and entertainment through its ever-expanding network.

Partnering with Virgin Media won’t only drive a new revenue stream for you and your employees, but help your clients connect to great deals on our premium broadband and entertainment packages, reducing their waiting time to get online once they’ve moved into their new home.

Speed has become more important than ever in the last year and with Virgin Media’s superior network, customers can receive download speeds reaching more than 1,000Mbps, straight to their Hub. With people studying and working at home, faster speeds mean everyone in the house can be connected, all at the same time.

Virgin Media’s services are available in 15.4 million homes across the UK and steadily growing, with 5G mobile connectivity available in 100 locations across the UK.

Agencies partnering with Virgin Media benefit from on-shore account management, as well as training and marketing support.

If you want to find out more about how you can generate additional revenue by referring Virgin Media’s services to property buyers and tenants, contact: becomeapartner@virginmedia.co.uk.

Become a Virgin Media Partner and join thousands of estate and letting agents that earn money simply by referring their tenants and homebuyers for their broadband and entertainment services.

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