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Working from home to remain a top priority for home movers

10 March 2021 5337 Views
Working from home to remain a top priority for home movers

Over the last year, the majority of the UK workforce will have spent some time working from home as a result of Covid-19.

Even before the pandemic, the trend for working from home was growing as more flexible ways of working - facilitated by technology - were being embraced.

According to the Office for National Statistics, almost 50% of people in employment did some work at home during April 2020. By October, 24% of people were working exclusively from home. This figure is likely to have increased in recent months as a result of the subsequent national lockdowns introduced by the government.

Although expedited by the pandemic, the trend for homeworking looks set to continue even after things gradually return to normal.

A survey of almost 5,000 employees carried out by Slack found that only 12% want to return to full-time office work, while 72% want a hybrid remote-office model moving forward.

The large-scale success of remote working, including increased productivity, flexibility and an improved work/life balance, means that for many employees the days of working 9-5 Monday to Friday in an office could well become a thing of the past.

Due to the stark rise in people working from home, with most remote workers still unsure of when they will return to the office on a full-time basis and many companies abandoning offices altogether, those moving home have increasingly prioritised properties with good remote working facilities.

Revealed – the impact of remote working on the property market

A study carried out by Direct Line in 2020 found that a home office set up in a dedicated room could add up to £17,500 to the value of a property. The insurance firm also quizzed estate agents and revealed that 73% of property professionals found that having a dedicated home office makes a home more desirable.

At the time of the study, some 35% of property listings included studies and dedicated office rooms, while sellers were also increasingly identifying external studios (29%), converted lofts (9%) and landings or mezzanines (6%) as alternative or makeshift ‘home office space’.

On top of this, research from Savills found that 57% of buyers now place an increased importance on the provision of a home office, while 48% are prioritising speedier internet connections.

Therefore, estate agencies which emphasise properties’ working from home capabilities can sell and let quicker to eager buyers and tenants, while also boosting their chances of new instructions by demonstrating their acute understanding of current market trends.

How can estate agents capitalise on the work from home boom?

With many home movers eager to access the best broadband packages when moving into a new property, estate agents can help to make the process less stressful by facilitating the installation process.

This gives buyers and tenants the opportunity to have the internet in their new home up and running more quickly, while also reducing the number of things they need to organise during a hectic moving period.

Referring these essential products can help estate agents to provide an even better service to consumers, benefiting from more positive feedback, reviews and recommendations.

Providing this service also provides agents with a simple and effective way to generate additional revenue per transaction. By partnering with Virgin Media and referring home movers, you can drive a new revenue stream with the opportunity to earn a fee when they take Virgin Media's  TV, broadband, mobile or phone services.

Virgin Media is a household brand, renowned for its premium products and ultrafast speeds. Its broadband services are available in 15.2 million homes across the UK and steadily growing, with 5G mobile connectivity available in 100 locations across the UK.

Agencies which partner with Virgin Media benefit from on-shore account management, as well as training and marketing support.

If you want to find out more about how you can generate additional revenue by referring Virgin Media’s services to property buyers and tenants, contact: becomeapartner@virginmedia.co.uk

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