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Converting your pipeline to income faster

15 June 2020 5238 Views
Converting your pipeline to income faster

As we emerge from lockdown, quickly progressing sales to completion is vital to replace lost commission income.  What role can mio play in helping Agents achieve that?

What is mio and what does it deliver?

Quite simply it’s the future of connected sales progression, with every agent working from a single shared chain view, integrated with a consumer app.  It’s specifically designed for Agents and their buyers and sellers with over 1,000 agents already benefiting from using mio. 

mio empowers agents to improve transaction times, reduce fall throughs and communicate more effectively with their clients.  It removes duplication and reduces the need to chase for information, making it far easier to keep buyers and sellers updated.  This saves time and lets Agents focus on winning new instructions.

How do agents use it?

Agents introduce mio to vendors at market appraisal as part of their service offering and then as soon as a buyer is qualified on a property, the agent enters the property details in mio and builds the chain (unless of course, another agent in that chain has already done it – remember…mio removes duplication). Once a chain is built, adding the buyers’ and sellers’ details and inviting them to the app can be done at the click of a button. Replacing a chain list on paper with a digital view of the chain has several benefits but a key benefit is the transparency it creates as it ensures that everyone knows what’s happening, keeping clients happy.

As each key milestone in a transaction is completed, everyone can see the progress, including buyers and sellers with push notifications to the app. It doesn’t all rely on Agents updating milestones either, because mio receives validated feeds from surveying, conveyancing and mortgage broking businesses, it delivers a level of automated sales progression updates.  Some milestones can also be completed by your buyer or seller using the consumer app.  Over 53% of the 175,000 properties in the mio platform receive automated updates and that saves time and speeds up transactions.

As a digital sales progression tool mio has another advantage over paper; everyone in a branch can access mio so if someone is off work, it’s easy for another person to see exactly what is happening with a sale.

The simple to use notes function allows Agents to add a note against each milestone and there’s a great chat messaging facility which helps Agents communicate with buyers and sellers even when working remotely. Once a sale is completed, all the notes can be saved to PDF and quickly moved back into your CRM system maintaining a complete record of sale in one place.

Sounds great, how much does it cost?

mio is free of charge until the end of 2020.

How do I get started?

It so easy, because mio is well designed and  simple to use we can get an agents account set up and ready to go in a matter of hours.  Our clients receive great support from our account managers and client service team, based at our HQ in Swindon they are on hand for any queries and support you may need.  Contact us today to find out more

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