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Changing consumer behaviour means agents need to embrace digital

26 February 2018 1838 Views
Changing consumer behaviour means agents need to embrace digital

In a show of changing consumer behaviour in the property market, new research has revealed that digital-savvy movers are favouring specialist conveyancers over local solicitors.

The study, which spoke to 1,000 UK movers and 100 conveyancing professionals, found that 43% of movers chose a specialist conveyancer in 2017, whereas 27% opted for a local solicitor.

It also highlighted the fact that consumers are shopping around more than ever when it comes to finding the right conveyancer, using the power and reach of the internet to aid their search.

In fact, 59% of those surveyed said they got multiple quotes before making their decision, a dramatic rise from 24% three years ago.

What’s more, interactions with conveyancers are increasingly happening online – a further reflection of the digital, heavily web-based world we now live in. Some 52% of participants said they made initial contact with their provider via their website or email.

The wealth of information and digital channels on offer to home movers is allowing them to be more critical and choosy than ever, whether it be for selecting a conveyancer, a letting agent, an estate agent or a property management company.

There are also many websites on offer allowing home movers to compare prices and services, as well as seeking reviews on the performance of the people that are going to help them buy or sell a home.

Consequently, changing habits need to be met with altered, updated or adaptable services by agents, to keep home movers satisfied and on side. More conveyancers, for example, are starting to send out instant email or text messages to clients to keep them informed of the latest developments in a transaction. Since 2015, the number of home movers receiving these types of messages has risen threefold to 11%.

Equally, communications with conveyancers through an online portal have gone up by 15% since 2015.

To keep up with the competition, it’s vital that agents utilise the digital platforms that are on offer to them. In addition, standing out from the competition with a bright, interactive, well-designed website is of the utmost importance.

You should also look to streamline your processes as much as possible, which is where Gnomen’s bespoke software comes into play. Our cloud-based, all-in-one software lets you manage your staff, office, customers and multi-channel marketing in one place. Even better, everything works in complete harmony to ensure all aspects of your business run smoothly.

We also create websites that look beautiful and, more importantly, work beautifully. From bespoke designs to fully customisable templates, and client login areas to social media integration, we can make sure your website stands out from the rest.

To find out more about what we can offer, you can book a free demo to take you through the system online in just 15 minutes at a time that suits you.

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