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Free photography course for estate agents pt 1

03 July 2017 4603 Views
Free photography course for estate agents pt 1

**The free photography course for estate agents (part one) offer has now expired. It is still available in special circumstances so if you’re interested in improving your property photography with help from the pros, let us know.

Part two of the three-part course will be available during August 2017 only. Sign up to the KeyAGENT blog to be the first to receive it.**

So you’ve got a new instruction, but no budget for a professional photographer.


Which of these photos would you rather use on your listing?


Free photography course for estate agents pt 1 Free photography course for estate agents pt 1

In a recent Rightmove webinar, some interesting stats on property presentation were revealed. They ran a test of the same property listed in two different ways: one with good, enhanced photography and one with bad angles and no enhancements. The first agent ended up with 300% more leads than the second.

When it comes to building a local reputation as an agent, good photography is good branding; and good branding is a magnet for instructions,

Julian O’dell Managing Director of agent trainers TM Training, says “the standard of property photographs is… a reflection of the overall calibre of an agent’s service. Agents must seek to differentiate themselves and stand out from the crowd in a saturated marketplace – exceptional photography is a key area in which to do so.”

For reputation-savvy agents, better photography is a no-brainer.

If there’s one thing we know, it’s property photography

With 6 years, 11 awards and 12 million property photos under our belt, it’s safe to say we know a little something about how to take a good photo.

With our network of 760 professional photographers, we cover 12,000 orders from thousands of branches every month.

Time to up your listings game

You’ve probably come a long way since you shot your first property, with its funny angles and a plate or two in the sink. You’ve taken yourself from novice to amateur and your vendors are thanking you for it.

We want to help you take the next step.

And if you’re wondering why one of the major providers of UK property photography is telling you how to do take your own photos, we explain that in the first of three Guides that will be released over the coming weeks and months.

Free Guide available for a limited time

From now until 17th July, UK estate agents can download part one of The Estate Agent’s 3-Part-Guide to Instruction-Winning Photos for free.

About KeyAGENT

• KeyAGENT is a multi-award winning property marketing supplier to thousands of estate agent branches.

• It specialises in professional photography and floor plans, and is leading the way in Virtual Reality for the property market.

• Based in London, and with photographers servicing England, Wales and Scotland, KeyAGENT produces over 2.5m photos every year.

• It has recently launched PropertyBOX, the world’s first floor plan and photo editing app for the property industry.

• The KeyAGENT team works alongside 760 photographers in England, Wales and Scotland to service 100,000+ properties every year.

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