How to develop a customer-winning reputation

17 March 2017 1056 Views
How to develop a customer-winning reputation

One of the most sought-after tools in a marketing armoury is something that money can’t buy. Word-of-mouth recommendations. We are far more likely to be persuaded by the suggestion from a friend, family member, or peer than any advert will ever achieve.

We trust their judgement. And as they don’t stand to gain or lose anything and have our best interest at heart, we’ll likely follow their advice. This is why it’s so important for estate agents to craft and nurture a reputation that their clients will want to share.

So to increase the chances that your clients will recommend you and bolster your good reputation, try these tips.

Relationships are everything.

Forming a strong relationship with a client should be the number one aim for any agent. It doesn’t matter if you don’t think you’ll be dealing with them for long. They will remember you long after you’ve done business with them – even if you don’t. And it’s how they are treated by you that will determine whether or not they’ll recommend you.

Be ‘open’ even when you’re not.

Clients will always have questions and queries, and even want to view properties long after ‘closing time’. Of course, it’s impossible to accommodate their needs around-the-clock, but having someone available to answer their calls when the branch is shut goes a long way to developing a share-worthy reputation. We’re finding many agents are relying on Moneypenny’s call answering to help them deliver out-of-hours service.

Ask for feedback.

What is your clients’ opinion of your business? The chances are you don’t have a clear picture. The best way of finding out is to ask them. By inviting feedback you will get honest thoughts and therefore a really clear picture of what the reputation of your estate agents is like. So invite and encourage your customers to give you feedback on their experience.

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