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Good phone manners that impress clients

10 March 2017 2627 Views
Good phone manners that impress clients

When we meet clients, we go out of our way to make a good impression. There’s no reason why we shouldn’t give them the same courtesy over the phone.

In fact, good telephone manners are so important, many of our estate agent clients come to us for their own training as well as telephone handling. So when they are able to handle their own calls, they can do with gusto – just like their Moneypenny Receptionists.

Moneypenny’s property training manager, Tara Lloyd, shares her top tips for excellent telephone etiquette that impress clients.

Be a ‘GOFI’ (God/Goddess of First Impressions).  When you answer the phone the person calling will build an instant impression of you.  You want to come across as enthusiastic, helpful and efficient, not rude, bored and grumpy, so move beyond a curt ‘hello’.

Verbally nod! Make sure you come across as positive and decisive rather than vague or distracted.  If you don’t know the answer to a question, it’s fine to admit this, but quickly suggest you can find the required information and come back to the caller as soon as possible. 

Focus on what you can do and not what you cannot.  If you’re busy and can’t go into detail with your caller there and then, take their details and tell them you’ll call back.

Say it with a smile and ensure your tone mirrors your greeting.  If you are physically smiling then this will naturally be translated into an upbeat voice.  It’s a classic, but there are a warmth and energy you only get with a smile.

Be efficient and reassuring. There is no script and one size does not fit all.  Don’t rely on stock phrases or replies. The caller needs to have confidence that you are really listening to them and taking their call seriously, not just mechanically going through the motions.

Think of each caller as your million pound customer. How would you speak to them if they wanted to spend £1million with you? That’s how you should greet everyone when you answer the phone. Impress the caller to the point that they can’t wait to work with you.


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