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Screens you can see in sunny windows

21 July 2015 3580 Views
Screens you can see in sunny windows

Tips on using digital signage in your window

1. Why digital signage is an asset to your business

- Raise the profile of your office by adding movement to your window display – research shows that movement can increase awareness by 317%
- Show a large number of properties without the clutter
- Allow clients to download information immediately
- Receive client enquiries, even during out of hours.
- Having brand new technology will make you stand out, showing you as a modern and professional company.
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2. How to select the best screen for you

Bigger is not necessarily better in the window. You must choose a size that matches your target audience.  For people who will be looking at screens close up we recommend 19”- 24” to read directly in front of the window.  You can display more information on several small screens rather than having one large screen, which can be far more effective. 
To target audiences from further away, screens are available from 32”- 55”. The larger screens can be seen from the other side of the street or even by passing traffic.

For great results go large with your interior displays. Video walls and huge screens create an amazing effect.

3. Brightness

Screen brightness is measured in nits or cdn². A standard domestic TV screen is usually 250 nits/cdn². You should always go for the brightest screen you can afford.

You need to be careful that you get the correct brightness for your window.  TV screens may look the same as a commercial screen but they are not bright enough and will not be guaranteed to run 24/7.

Now you need to think when you want people to view the screen i.e. after dusk and dull days or all year round.  If you have a north facing window with no reflections you will be able to use screens from 450-500 nits/cdn² with a reasonable amount of success. But if you want something that will stand out on a sunny day, the LG Shine out at 700 nits/cdn² is a good starter screen.

Alternatively, for something absolutely stunning the Sunbright® Screens at 1500 nits/cdn² are available from 32” upwards.  In September the Samsung 1500 will be introduced and 24” screens will be available. The 24” screens are a similar size to A3 landscape LED Light Pocket® making them ideal for low level property displays.   For south facing windows that are incredibly sunny then look at the 2500 nits/cdn² screens available from 40”.

4. Content management software
The next important question you need to ask yourself is how you would like to keep the display up do date. There are two simple ways, firstly you can insert a USB stick in the screen and it will play your images on a continuous loop. Secondly you can update your screen remotely on an internet enabled device simply by dragging and dropping files onto the screen.

At Fairfield our goal is to make updating screens incredibly simple so even beginners can easily use the system.  We will look at your office software packages and advise how you can integrate your window and interior screens with your office software.

Fairfield is a specialist supplier of Digital Signage to the estate agency market.  You will receive excellent guidance to make sure you get the best value screen to meet your requirements.  Technology is changing fast so you really must see the latest developments.

Call Sam today on  01252 759568 to find out how you can make a screen work hard to draw in new buyers and more importantly how you can persuade venders to place properties with yourselves.  

Visit: www.fairfielddisplays.co.uk.

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