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The LED Light Panel has Evolved

16 June 2015 5116 Views
The LED Light Panel has Evolved

As a company that designs and manufactures products we are constantly looking for new products that will WOW you, and in turn, WOW your customers!

We listen to our clients needs and strive to meet them. In a time where LED illuminated poster displays are becoming the norm, what is the next step for this product?
Our most recent innovation stems from our customers desire to really stand out from the shop or office ‘next door’.

The LED Light Panel has Evolved

Clients are looking to move away from the regimented grid type layout that often comes hand in hand with LED Light Panels due to their cable or rod mounting systems.
Attempts to make them look more staggered can work well from the front but leaves rods overlapping your graphics from the inside, which is just a shame when these product are designed to look equally stunning from the inside.

So, having set the scene, let us proudly introduce you to our latest innovation… the Puzzle range of multi pocket LED poster displays that allow you to combine different paper sizes and orientations on the same set of cables.

This is our most diverse range of panels to date, the staggered pockets allow for more client specific branding than ever before, such as different coloured pockets on the same panel and bespoke spaces created in the acrylic edge to suit any style of logo.

Each of these panels are designed and built for you at our factory in the Midlands, ensuring that your display is as unique to you as possible and will blow your competitors away.
Its bespoke at a great price because we have the manufacture skills and know-how to produce them directly for you.

Due to the bespoke nature of these displays they cannot be purchased directly online, we advise that you contact us direct to discuss your requirements.

Call us on: +44 (0)1743 465531   Or email: sales@midwestdisplays.co.uk

The LED Light Panel has Evolved

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