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Are you brave enough to go digital?

29 May 2015 7496 Views
Are you brave enough to go digital?

Estate Agents today are continually competing with rival companies to get instructions and ultimately increase their profit margin.

So what makes your Estate Agent better than the one next door?

First impressions means a lot in business and being an Estate Agent is no different. If I were to look at two Estate Agents next door to each other, one with light pockets and digital screens in the window looking stylish and classy, the other with a cluttered window of plain acrylic pockets that look dull and boring, I know which one I would choose.

However, more and more Estate Agents are following suit and illuminating their window displays too. Soon enough just having LED Light Pockets™ in your window will not be enough to make you stand out.

This has prompted display companies to come up with new innovative ideas for displays.

Fairfield Displays have recently unveiled the brand new sunlight readable Sunbright screen. The screen is more than double the brightness of a standard screen at a dazzling 1500 cd². This screen will brighten up any window display, day and night!  You can get them made up to an impressive 65” which would really catch the public’s eye. If this wasn’t enough they come with the latest CloudScene technology which allows you to upload all types of data (including PDFs and PowerPoint Presentations) using any device with internet connection.

Fairfield Displays have noticed the recent upturn in sales for digital screens and they predict them to be as popular as the illustrious LED Light Pockets™.

“Since we have had our screen installed there are always people stopping at our window.  The window display looks highly impressive after dusk and this is when it really works for us, when we are closed.  We have spilt our screen into three zones with a property display taking up 70% and we have added a clock, the latest weather and a link to our home page on our website which has images that are constantly changing.  In the past the window was cluttered with 72 properties, the new display has 16 properties plus two 32” screens and we are getting much better results.  Our new cutting edge display technology has helped us increase the number of instructions”.

Stephen Oakley – Stephen Oakley & Co


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