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Keeping properties clutter free with on-demand tech services

22 April 2015 5469 Views
Keeping properties clutter free with on-demand tech services

Every estate agent will know those nightmare clients, the ones with a nice property that they’ve just crammed full of every matter of junk.

We’ve all seen it; never-used sports equipment, five extra chairs, boxes full of who-knows-what. The time has come to stand up and say no! This will not get you anywhere and will certainly not get you the buyer you’re so eager for.

With on-demand storage the solution is simple. It’s storage that works for everyone, giving people a two-hour window during which big, sturdy, plastic boxes are delivered. After that, they have two weeks to pack up all that nonsense and book a time to have it shipped to a far away, safe and secure location. Boom! Just like that, the property will already look more appealing. Now all that needs to be done is a bit of dusting and polishing.

Companies such as Boxman deal with this more modern take on self-storage in London, the difference being you only have to pack. With convenient storage like this there is no excuse for people to try and sell a home full of things that no one wants to see. And when the property is sold and the owners have moved on to alternative pastures, they can call back all of their items to their new address hassle-free. If that’s not enough, every box comes with insurance, so everyone can rest assured their possessions are in good hands.

Once all that’s done you’ll be able to show off the property with a bit more confidence. With all that extra stuff out of the way, the property will really shine and the owners may even be able to ask for a higher price. After all, everyone knows the best kind of show home is one buyers can imagine filling themselves.

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