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Written by rosalind renshaw

The existence of an agreement has been confirmed between Propertini, the new free portal that launched in the UK last week, and Zoopla.

Agents were puzzled to find that properties listed on Propertini are linked to the Zoopla redirection service.

When they answer phones in their offices, they get the usual ‘Zoopla lead’ message, even though the caller has searched for, and found, the property listed on Propertini.

One of the agents who has found this has been happening is Trevor Kent, who said that his properties appeared on Propertini without his knowledge. He said that he was also mystified that only some, but not all, of his properties appeared to have been taken from Zoopla and put on Propertini.

EAT readers quickly noticed the link between the two portals in our story about Propertini’s launch last week.

A spokesman for Zoopla said yesterday: “We have not done a commercial deal with Propertini. However, we are allowing Propertini to access our listing data via our API and have agreed some basic terms of use.

“Essentially it is just an extension of our network to give our members wider exposure and leads with no additional charge.”

Rhys Davies of Propertini said that agents could choose to have their own direct contact details put on the site.

Yesterday afternoon, he said: “Our primary listings are obtained directly from agents. To deliver the most complete set of listings possible, we supplement these with results from other sources, including Zoopla.

“For agents to access the complete set of features available at Propertini.com, including enhanced presentation and having users’ enquiries directly by email, they should register at propertini.com/listwithus

“Agents can also populate their own homepage on Propertini.com to include their corporate details and to share what’s special about their own business.”


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    I wonder how agents mutual will police this?

    So if you sign up with the Agents Mutual, who said in a previous news article that Propertini will come under their one portal ban, you can ditch Rightmove and stick with Zoopla as your one other portal and still get your properties listed with propertini.

    "We have not done a commercial deal" and "Essentially it is just an extension of our network".

    or you could read it as.

    "We have not done a commercial deal yet, but as an extension of our network, it if takes off, we will."

    The game is afoot me thinks.

    • 07 October 2013 09:32 AM
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    Paul take a bow. You are an EAT genius.

    • 07 October 2013 08:17 AM
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    Sounds a bit silly, they get all the agents details from the zoopla API, which is good of zoopla to feed their site, then ask agents to write their own description, which then would be unique content for google and could appear over zoopla in the search results.

    • 07 October 2013 07:44 AM
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