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Written by rosalind renshaw

Here are two more contenders for Britain’s loveliest estate agency office.

First up is the charming office in Reigate, Surrey, of James Dean, all mellow red brick and lovely casement windows.

Beauty being in the eye of the beholder, the next contender is the one on the corner site and the one most likely to win the estate agents’ own vote as loveliest. It’s all that window space – we counted 12 large windows all told, six per pavement.

The general manager of Rent Here, in Leeds, is an enthusiastic Sophie Bland.

She says: “I think we have to be a contender for best letting agent offices. Even on a dreary afternoon in Leeds you can’t fail to appreciate the architecture!
“Leeds Bridge House was built as a Temperance Hotel around 1875 by John James Cousins, a Leeds banker. It closed as a hotel in 1900 when it was taken over by Tunstall & Co and later had a number of uses until it was scheduled for demolition in 1960. It was reprieved and made into offices in 1981.

“Its triangular shape reflects the restricted space available on the site, and although sometimes nicknamed the Leeds Flat Iron building, it was in fact built years before its American doppelganger.

“Rent Here have now proudly occupied the ground floor of this fantastic building for over a decade.”

Two more contenders for estate agents' beauty contestTwo more contenders for estate agents' beauty contest


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    I'm loving the Leeds Flat Iron Building!

    It gets my vote!! :-)

    • 05 April 2012 13:53 PM
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    MMmmmm.. zero comments.

    Needs spicing up to get some traction.

    Stuff the buildings . . . . lets see the ladies.

    • 24 March 2012 21:03 PM