iam-sold, a white labelled property auction management provider,  have seen a huge demand for the new Modern Method of Auction service.

This revolutionary new system is aimed at providing a viable alternative for the residential property market to sale by private treaty and provides greater flexibility than Traditional auction. It allows the buyer 28 days to exchange contracts and a further 28 days to complete the transaction while still maintaining the security of Traditional auction through the payment of a 5% non refundable reservation fee or deposit by the buyer. As a result of this the Modern Method of Auction opens the auction market, once reserved for the professional investor or cash rich buyer up to normal residential buyers, creating a larger market place, more interest and higher prices than Traditional auction.

According to statistics released by the Essential Information Group, Property Auction sales are up 10% in 2012 from 2011. This signifies the trend towards the popularity of selling and buying via auction and working in partnership with iam-sold enables estate agents to increase their sales commission with a minimum sales fee of 2.5 % whilst expanding their services and providing them with a unique advantage over their competition.

The company offers a full range of auction services ranging from Traditional to the Modern Method of Auction and provides complimentary training, IT and marketing support. Furthermore there are no set up costs or franchise fees to pay. Unlike other auction providers, iam-sold work with you to develop the service to make sure agents get the most from it.

As well as the online auction service, iam-sold works in partnership with a host of estate agents to run numerous physical property auctions throughout the year including the Northern Lincolnshire Property Auction, East Yorkshire Property Auction, the East Midlands Property Auction, the Great North Property Auction and the new West Yorkshire property Auction.The ongoing success of the these auctions has prompted and encouraged the company to expand into another region with the South Yorkshire Property Auction already scheduled in to launch in  the latter half of the year.

Current sales figures for 2012 have seen Partner Agents increase their revenue with over£400,000.00 in auction fees alone and this is expected to rise significantly over the next few months.

The figures speak for themselves and with over 150 satisfied Estate Agents from across the UK currently working with iam-sold, it’s fair to say that the Modern Method of Auction is fast becoming the first choice for agents looking to provide a cost effective auction solution for their clients whilst expanding their business and maintaining a competitive advantage.

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