Written by rosalind renshaw

The views, according to the locals, are absolutely fantastic – and indeed, the estate agent’s particulars agree, saying that the property commands “superb country and coastal views”.

However, the £199,950 three-bedroom bungalow, on the market with Anglesey firm Williams and Goodwin, sits slap bang in front of a 350ft TV mast and transmitting station.

The sale details state: “An excellent opportunity to acquire a detached bungalow, situated in an exceptional elevated position enjoying superb coastline views over Anglesey towards Point Lynas.

“The property offers tremendous opportunity for further expansion, subject to the necessary consents, and is situated in a generous-sized garden bordering on to and overlooking open countryside.”

The agency, where former NAEA president Melfyn Williams is partner, does not mention one undoubted plus for the property – excellent TV reception.

But, as long as you believe in the old adage about all publicity being good publicity, the agency has done well, garnering stories and headlines widely across the national press.

Even if the newspapers did use slightly different pictures to the ones on the particulars.

Shh! Just don't mention the 350-foot TV mast by the back door


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    El Burro right. H P O Crit wrong. Consumer Protection from Unfair Terms requires disclosure; silence will not save you. PMA is history...

    • 29 February 2012 16:40 PM
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    This is the same RR who didn't use his pathetic web site to sell his own property! Quality, is he also Dave?

    • 29 February 2012 14:31 PM
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    Oh, Mr RR! You REALLY should be tighter with your website! I see your MARCH 2012 Press Release is uploaded already...

    Now then - it says "FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE" - so I guess I can publish parts of it for you ahead of the masses of other publications who have been waiting for your next offering. You'll thank me one day...

    So - here are the good bits, folks:

    "Do estate agents do anything that you can't? NO."

    Erm... Estate Agents can put your property on Rightmove - do THAT yourself, folks...!

    "Selling a house is rather like cooking a sumptuous meal for a good friend."

    Oh, no - he's off again on YET another simile-fest... Red Arrows; orchestras - and now a good nosh-up with yer mates. Can you imagine the talk round the dinner-table...?

    "Just go *Sorry - but I have deleted your website name, Mr RR - I do NOT intend to advertise you or your services* instead of using an estate agent (or any middle-man for that matter), and help everyone else to see the need to change the way that houses should be bought and sold, across the whole of the UK."

    Erm... doesn't the fact that you want THEM to pay YOU make YOU a "middle-man"...?

    "By offering this advice online, we endeavour to earn a small income from the service . Isn't that how most things work best? Services are offered based on value for money."

    ABSOLUTELY! HALLELUYAH!! We agree on something!


    Knew we would find a common ground eventually...

    Still here... still chewing! ;o)

    • 29 February 2012 12:31 PM
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    Realising Reality will of course be one of those perfect sellers who explains every fault to their agent before selling not try and con the agent and leave them exposed.

    Would you let everyone on here know the next time you are selling a car? It will be great to know every defect before parting with our hard earned.

    It doesn't need a 'core strategy' (don't you just lurrrve those phrases!) just leglislation that's drafted for the real world.

    Govt wants agents to verify information through sources such as the Land Registry (where do those fees go to, oooh let's think...). So our humble negs are now supposed to be able to interpret title docs and the like?

    The end result will be that agents will say nothing at all and just refer buyers to their conveyancer. We'll say it best when we say nothing at all.....where's my Boyzone CD!!

    • 29 February 2012 12:24 PM
  • icon fast forward to 12.30 and listen to Jeremy Vine's piece on this with me doing my best to support we poor agents who seem never to be able to do anything right!

    Happy Leap Day - no offers so far but I live in hopes - maybe
    I fail on valuation! Cheers, Big T.

    • 29 February 2012 09:57 AM
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    Ahhhh, Mr black kettle has turned up.
    Morning Realising Reality.
    I agree, this is an outrage! Nearly as bad as a private sellers website advertising agents properties at incorrect prices. What are we to do about about these rouge cowboys in our industry? Stick em prison I say. What do you reckon RR, fancy doing some bird?

    • 29 February 2012 09:43 AM
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    Isn't this a typical but amusing example of agents being: well, rather over-optimistic whilst acting on behalf of their client (the seller) rather than realistic. They even prepared to run the gauntlet of the strict regs and the threat of harsh fines which could be imposed!

    A new core strategy would seem to be needed.

    • 29 February 2012 09:34 AM
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    Internal viewing a mast.

    • 29 February 2012 09:32 AM
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    Forget PMA, its the Consumer Protection Regs you need to worry about now....think PMA with more banana skins and less of a clue as to what estate agency is about..

    Under PMA you didn't have to disclose information, CPRs require you to disclose any information that may affect a person's decision to purchase.

    I think something which makes the property look like its on Moonbase in one of the Gerry Anderson programmes (you need to be of a certain age....) may well fall into tha category.

    A clause along the lines of 'The property's wonderful remote setting does not mean the owners will have little to occupy themselves however as a nearby television transmitter will ensure excellent reception of One Man and his Sheep on those dark winter nights' will probably suffice.

    And if the tv breaks down? Well, do you need the One Man?

    • 29 February 2012 08:45 AM
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    "The large and conveniently situated clothes Airer is an undoubted feature of the property" mentioned in the details doesn't count then?

    • 29 February 2012 07:48 AM
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    Property misdescription act springs to mind................

    • 29 February 2012 07:13 AM