Written by rosalind renshaw

A revamped EPC is being worked on by government advisers and is set to be implemented early next year.

The revamp will follow a raft of changes due to be implemented in two stages, on July 1 and October 1.

If the October 1 proposed change goes through, it should mean agents not having to print forests of extra pages as had been feared.

The October 1 proposal is that the full EPC – not just the ratings – will have to be printed and attached to all particulars. However, all the associated recommendations will not have to be attached. This would mean that agents would have to add one more double-sided A4 page to their particulars.

There is likely to be one crucial change. Denis Purshouse, senior civil servant at CLG who advises on housing matters, said that for the purpose of EPCs attached to property particulars, the address of the property will not be included.

He said: “There has been some concern about this. For example, where business premises are for sale, owners often want confidentiality. The same desire for confidentiality can also apply to owners of residential properties. So, it is proposed that the EPC that will be attached to particulars will not have to include the address.”

But this, and changes due to be implemented on July 1, are all subject to regulations that have not yet been laid before Parliament.

The July 1 changes include making the agent responsible for the EPC, where an agent is responsible for the marketing; ordering the EPC before marketing starts and being able to provide proof of this; and obtaining the EPC within seven days.

But Purshouse said that further changes are likely. Whilst he would have liked to see these come in this October, he said early next year was more likely, and these changes will include a revamp of the EPC.

Proposals include an impact assessment, with an estimate of the likely costs involved, plus a summary of the recommendations. These would be part of the EPC attached to particulars.

Ministers apparently believe that this information should be flagged up at the start of the marketing process, so that prospective buyers and tenants are informed and can make comparisons.

Another important proposal is that the revamped EPC will include information as to whether the property has received Green Deal finance.

If so, this will appear as a legal charge on the property. Again, ministers are said to want to ensure that potential buyers and tenants are aware of this early on, since the basis of Green Deal finance means no up-front capital costs but repayments in the form of higher utility charges for users.

For estate agents, this Green Deal ‘charge’ on the property will pose marketing headaches in the future: would this negatively affect the saleability or rentability of the home in the shorter term?

What is clear is that all these changes are only the start because next year it is likely that under the recast EU Energy Performance in Buildings directive, much more EPC information will be required in all media advertising.

One expert commentator said: “I do not for a moment think that the estate agency industry, (regardless of how inconvenient or costly the required measures may be for us), will be able to withstand the inexorable rise of the energy efficiency agenda for residential property.”

An RICS spokeswoman said: “RICS continues to have concerns around the extent of enforcement of the provisions, and the need to ensure that all parties comply with the new requirements.

“The requirement for particulars to include the full EPC is still subject to consultation and discussion, and RICS has pointed out the practical difficulties and cost implications of compliance if the provisions are introduced as originally suggested.

“It is for this reason that CLG has indicated an intention to delay the implementation of this particular aspect of the proposed changes, to allow time for further discussions with industry and stakeholders, so that any additional information that is required to be provided is appropriate and proportionate.”


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    Woodentop- spot on mate!

    • 26 April 2011 10:38 AM
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    @myonlineestateagent theres nothing better than seeing an idiot shoot himelself. Clear off and take your anti-estate agent friends with you. This used to be a good site, kept EA upto speed with what is going on in the industry, a finger on the pulse with valued debate

    Now it seems to be used by non-estate agent "Trolls", "Flamming" (net etiquette). Having said that it is entertaning watching you make fools of yourselves.... back to business, your taking mine and alot of others time up.

    • 26 April 2011 10:30 AM
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    I have two opinions as its hard for me to be biased in any way. My family own an Estate Agency, I am a Domestic Energy Assessor.

    Yes, I do think awareness is important so by attaching a mini EPC on to property particulars will go a long way, and it will hardly be a pain in the a** for Estate Agents. BUT, if its any more than one condensed page they should re-think their often bonkers ideas and look for alternatives.

    To be honest, I'd be surprised even if these chinese whispers come to anything. There is a new controversial idea announced every day, its all about sparking debate and hype.


    • 26 April 2011 08:25 AM
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    Will Hicks speaks we all must listen, never mind its twaddle, listen!

    • 21 April 2011 16:08 PM
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    @myonlineestateagent. I appreciate you probably have a huge marketing budget of £0, but why advertise on a site for "Estate Agents".

    There are hundreds of private seller websites that make no money and have no listings. Yours looks exactly the same. You say your site is free but then it says in your FAQ you charge £60.

    The listings are crap (all five of them), which is why no one uses private sales sites. You say you offer what any estate agent does but I see no mailing list of potential buyers, I see know local knowledge of areas where your properties are, I see no accompanied viewings, I see no aftersale chasing and I see no advertising on rightmove.

    You get what you pay for and I bet me and peebee looking at your site have increased your yearly hits by 100%

    Setting up an online agent is a lazy mans way of making money, except you don't actually make any money.

    • 21 April 2011 15:10 PM
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    AoS - Gotta disagree there, hun. I've just taken rwo houses on from the same online agent, and the details are, frankly, sodding awful! By all accounts they sent some 17year old muppet round with no idea of PMA or even how to use the camera!

    What 17 yr old these days can't use a camera?

    One of the houses did their own pictures and description (still not great, but better than the other one) and still had the privelege of paying £300 to have their name and phone number stuck on the website next to the pictures they took!

    Maybe I'm just lucky and always come across the idiots....

    • 21 April 2011 14:39 PM
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    Peebee: Of course. Had a sneaky look. Slightly more easier on the eye than Hendrys but still pretty terrible.

    If anyone wants to be a serious online Agent, they need some seriously deep pockets.

    • 21 April 2011 13:01 PM
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    "Can I still advertise with Private House Sales if I'm already using an estate agent to sell or let my home?"

    Why would you want to? An estate agent will do a better job than just another run of the mill, get rich quick, website with your property listed on it.

    You could have the winning lottery numbers listed online. If nobody visit's the website though, what's the point?

    Before anyone jumps out of their chair, there are some very good online estate agents (some).

    However, these small property 'windows' such as this one are just pointless.

    If you want to sell privately, use Tepilo instead - it gets traffic and it's free.

    • 21 April 2011 12:53 PM
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    ...and no doubt on yours also, HD? ;o)

    UNLIKE Mr Hendry, we can fight on two fronts, I am certain...

    Let's face it - most of what we will have to say is simply cut'n'paste from the Hendry Comedy of Errors!

    • 21 April 2011 12:47 PM
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    Myonlineestateagent: Uh oh, you are now on Peebee's radar.

    • 21 April 2011 12:39 PM
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    OH NO - the NEXT Mr Hendry enters the room! Needless to say, with a similar head full of magic and a brain full of ****...

    So - let's have a look at THIS website, shall we:

    Recent news - entitled "Sellers asking to much for their homes" (note to site editor - that would be TOO much, people... ;o| ). End paragraph states "Here at My Online Estate Agent we advice (that would be ADVISE - learn the language before you copywrite, please...) all sellers to look at what similar homes in your area have been selling for in recent months. See our advice article on accurately valuing your own home for more information."
    TO WHICH I CLICK... and find:
    "The best way to value your property is to form your own opinion of what your home is worth. By following our steps you will see how to accurately do this and the truth behind estate agent valuations."

    Hmmm... anyone seem to recognise THIS step?:
    "Ask an estate agent
    Apply to a few of your local estate agents, if you express an interest in selling your home they will freely come and give you their ‘opinion,’ you will be under no obligation to sell thorough their agency."

    Class. You really are class, aren't you? There's ANOTHER typo in there, by the way. I'm fed up of pointing them out though...

    You've come on here "doing a Hendry", pontificating that Agents will use the situation to THEIR financial advantage. Clumsy. He tries - he fails - he gets raped every time. WHERE, by the way, are the EPCs for the properties YOU advertise on YOUR website? You hardly seem 'qualified' to comment when you make virtually NO MENTION of them at all... Unless vendors look EXTREMELY hard, you don't seem to draw attention to the LEGAL REQUIREMENT at all!

    Perhaps you would like to answer one question (UNLIKE Mr Hendry - at least you can differentiate yourselves THAT way...)? WHY do you claim to be a Private House Sale site, yet your stated name is myonlineestateagent? Either you are or you aren't an Agent - and if you ARE, you are in SERIOUS BOTHER! If you aren't you are probably in MORE BOTHER for purporting to be.

    So, to my last quote of the day - this time from Stealers Wheel. Sums up perfectly, I suggest:

    "Clowns to left of me... Jokers to the right... here I am."

    • 21 April 2011 12:22 PM
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    Making agents responsible for the EPC is likely to have detremental impact on the seller. If anyone has ever researched the price of an EPC they will know that estate agents charge far higher prices than if you were to source the EPC form an independent company yourself.

    Who is to say estate agents will not just take advantage of this coming regulation to force buyers to pay well over the odds for an EPC.

    Comment by:

    • 21 April 2011 11:25 AM
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    "Your really are a bunch of abusive thicko's" bit hypocritical, lol.

    If you play with feathers mate, you get tickled.

    If you don't like it, stop spending your life pretending to know more than estate agents on an estate agency website.

    Have you seriously nothing better to do than argue with estate agents. You know the people on this site will never agree with you so why bother??

    • 21 April 2011 09:07 AM
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    Repossessed. LOL. You really are a bunch of abusive thickos. Join the dinosaurs.

    • 20 April 2011 15:33 PM
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    This is all about EU "directives"
    Our government has a little control and can only modify in a very minor way. As long as we remain in the EU, in its present form, just get used to the ill informed zealots in "suits" getting more and more control over our everyday lives. We are no longer an independant sovereign state.

    • 20 April 2011 14:18 PM
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    Probaly had a poor EPC rating!

    • 20 April 2011 13:44 PM
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    Maybe Will Hicks is a negative person because his home was repossessed

    • 20 April 2011 13:36 PM
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    Will - No assumptions, fact.

    Yep have traded plenty in Scotland so talking from real experience. You are just wrong mate, get your facts right before you post nonsence or made up stories me dear, to try to look clever.

    • 20 April 2011 13:31 PM
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    your comment is full of assumptions and, to be honest, patronising.

    I have actually bought & sold property in Scotland [have you ?] and can assure you that RICs valuations are generally well below the EAs there. Quelle surprise.

    Indeed, loan buyers still need a mortgage valuation, but I wouldn't wipe my behind with one of those to determine if a house had "issues". So, full survey cost us paid by the vendor is the Home Report, saving the buyer a few hundred.

    I think you'll find the solicitors in Scotland didn't have much choice in the matter, as it was legislation passed by the Scottish parliament.

    Not all EAs in Scotland are solicitors mind e.g. Slutt & Porker is one example.

    • 20 April 2011 13:23 PM
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    Will Hicks– We know you love to be negative!

    Nice thoughts, but the Scottish report is a nightmare and seeing your other posts about house prices and their over valuation you have been completely fooled! Little if anything sells at the price in the report, these being 15 to 20% over eventual sale prices.

    They are a real barrier to vendors listening to real advice when they have paid out £700+ for one. Also they save no one any cost, the buyer still need a mortgage valuation normally and as things take so long to sell searches etc are paid for again by buyers.

    Don't forget EA are often solictors in Scotland, they are hardly going to make it easier are they?

    • 20 April 2011 12:55 PM
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    Making agents responsible for EPC's is going to come up against a problem when the tight fisted owner decides to organise it him/herself just to save money. Then the payment does not get made so we as EA's are then in breach! Yet another stupid idea by one of our elected dictatorship's 'advisers'.

    • 20 April 2011 12:00 PM
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    Why all this bother over EPCs. Everyone knows they're a load of inaccurate rubbish. Personally I don't need some numpty with no knowledge of thermodynamics to "rate" a property using a bunch fag packet calcs.

    When looking at property, I'm more interested in whether the place has SAFE up to date wiring & SAFE gas/oil systems.

    It's about time England & Wales moved to the Home Report they have in Scotland, which also carries a RICs valuation, taking the burden of cost away from buyers. This higher cost barrier to market gives some reassurance that the vendor is serious [as there seem to be quite a few out there at the moment that stick their property on at some fantasy asking price, just to see if a mug will stump up].

    • 20 April 2011 11:49 AM
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    Oh dear, I may have been demoted to EstateAgentTooday's new 'ART CRITIC', but I can still be critical of NAEA too (although I don't enjoy seeing our Association getting it so wrong these days). Yes, they should have told Mr Pursehouse at the CLG exactly what nonsense the EPC revamp is. At the same time they could drop licensing AND stop sending out press releases saying 'don't use an NAEA Member unless licensed'.

    • 20 April 2011 11:16 AM
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    This is just like HIP's debacle. NO meaningful consultation, just get on and do as our told attitude. I suspect it is the same civil servants getting their own back!

    So you won't get the property address on the EPC , ha ha ha. The fact that it is attached to the property details isn't going to give a clue then!

    The 18th April 2011 role out of the Spring Update changes has just hit the fan, the DEA industry has gone into melt down with errors here, there and everywhere and poor old white van man can't make head nor tail of the second main heating and verticle extentions regime.

    I have just emailed a property match to a prospective buyer. They matched 50 properties, which means at least 100 extra pages if I attach the proposed 2 page EPC or 250 to 300 pages for full report (some 5 or 6 pages). It dosen't take a rocket scientist to work out the cost and waste involved and thats for just one person and not all are or want to be on email which will clog up their PC download.

    So what happens when we do our weekly property match with out full data base of buyers being sent details!!!!!

    The whole idea is not workable, but then civil servants don't live in the real world?

    • 20 April 2011 10:10 AM
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    More changes, more paper use/waste, more trees felled. Only winners are paper and ink/toner maunfacturers/suppliers! as agents will, as usual, have to absorb these costs in their fees.

    • 20 April 2011 09:46 AM
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    WOW...over 1,000 agents online! The market is obviously in decline as everyone should be out! Which reminds me, I think I need to go "on a course" this afternoon.

    • 20 April 2011 09:36 AM
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    Hmmm...The Green Deal, The Big Society...This Condem coalition is no different to the last bunch all wizzy phrases thought up by no doubt the same highly paid idiots who can up with..."blue sky thinking", "ducks in a row", ""green field opportunity"

    ...and here was me thinking the b*llsh*t language of the 80's was all over and done with!

    Of course the green deal charge will will be viewed as a negative by the average Buyer, similar to me trying to sell my car for more because it is converted to LPG...wouldn't happen.

    Once the money has been spent on a fairly restricted list of improvements, the job is done, but the debt continues.

    It would make more sense to sell a house with PV panels funded by the Owner who passes on the feed in tariff income, essentially buying a home with an attached income for 25 years.

    Although the list of approved improvements has yet to be published, or even agreed, early discussions with a variety of those in the know suggest it to be insulation, maybe windows, maybe boiler change, maybe hot water cylinder change, maybe heating controls none of which make a significant amount of difference enough to justify taking on a tied debt.

    6,500 quid will not stretch to most solar, pV or LZC technology installations which would be far more attractive to a Buyer, would the Owner subsidise the cost...I don't think so.

    The next few years will prove an interesting time as Politicians get more heavily involved in things they don't understand.

    They shout we jump!...nice to see the Tories are gradually creeping their expenses back to where they were.

    • 20 April 2011 09:17 AM
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    Regarding the EA having the EPC in place within 7 days, if this proves not possible then the new legislation allows a further 21 days so the situation does not really change from todays scenario where the EPC must be in place within 28 days.

    • 20 April 2011 09:00 AM