Building relationships with your customers is vital in the property industry. Whether you need to find out their search status, to notify them of up and coming viewings, or to let them know when a property is new on the market. Communication is key for your business to function.

Mobile messaging is the only medium that has an open rate of 97.5%. It gives a campaign the added power to communicate with targeted customers and build on the relationship you have with them, based on permission and trust. Adding Bulk SMS to a campaign allows consumers to text for more information, making the follow up activity more targeted.

The key advantage of mobile messaging for estate agents is the flexibility it gives you to engage with a mass audience instantly. For example an agent could advertise a short code in a prime location, inviting people to text in to receive updates of available properties. Using short codes, and even QR codes so that people can opt-in to receive your marketing is powerful. No other marketing tool can do this while consumers are on the move, instantly and as cost-effectively as mobile messaging. work with Strutt& Parker who have experienced success with mobile. Tom Hughes said “We wanted to generate leads and raise awareness of a new building development, and needed something visual that passing motorists could remember other than a phone number. Short codes are ideal as they are easy for customers to remember. We use them in our advertising.”

Textlocal believe that mobile messaging is transforming the way businesses communicate, and with the continual rise of smart-phone usage, where more people are accessing information online via their mobile phones, it becomes clear that the property sector need to be mobile savvy when it comes to engaging with new and existing audiences on a larger scale.

Managing Director Darren Daws said, “Mobile messaging provides a growth in ROI above other marketing tool, as campaigns are measurable in a way they haven’t been until now. No longer are you limited to 160 characters of text, SMS can be used as the tool to link to a bigger picture which fits perfectly with the property industry. SMS can be used as the ‘hook’ needed to direct the reader to where they need to be online, faster than if they were left to their own devices. Links to apps, videos and web pages, or even brochures are easily incorporated into a mobile message, making SMS a vital tool working hand in hand with other mobile marketing mediums.”

Regular contact with customers is a key aspect of building customer loyalty and ensuring repeat business. Promote housing developments, generate leads, build a strong contact database, use picture messaging (MMS) or Mobile Web to instantly send images of rooms and houses. No other marketing channel allows you to do this instantly on a mass scale, for minimal cost, and with a 97.5% open rate.

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