Written by rosalind renshaw

Estate and letting agency recruiter Josh Rayner is back in business.

After a year’s enforced break from recruitment, he has launched Rayner Personnel, a bespoke head-hunting service aimed at finding senior people for clients.

Rayner also revealed plans to launch a new business called Estate Agency All Stars in about six months’ time, which will give newcomers to the sector intensive training in an estate agency-style environment, before releasing them on to the market as ‘ready to go’ talent.

Rayner said: “I have absolutely no plans to diversify. Property is what I know, and I shall stick with recruitment for this sector.”


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    Mark Twain has risen and been spotted posting on an estate agents "news" site

    • 19 October 2012 08:53 AM
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    If you don't like the news, make some of your own!

    • 18 October 2012 19:03 PM
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    My cat has also just returned after dissappearing for two days it commented
    " I've no plans to diversify - I've always been a cat it's what I know best so I'm sticking with it"

    • 18 October 2012 15:52 PM
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    shouldn't this say "advertisement" above it - to run it as news is pathetic

    • 18 October 2012 15:48 PM