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Written by rosalind renshaw

A new online property portal has launched, specialising in properties for older and disabled people.

Accessible Property Register, www.accessible-property.org.uk, lists accessible and adapted property for sale and rent.

A subscription service costs £75 per year for the first office registered, plus £10 for any additional offices, and allows you to list as many properties as wanted.


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    Will anybody determine as to what an accessible property actually is? And will they have to be automatically uploaded? Also, a fairly tricky website name to spell for a lot of people.

    • 23 July 2009 13:26 PM
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    Wonder if Shephearsd at home.co.uk will scrape this one!?

    • 22 July 2009 12:52 PM
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    agents could also try www.mobilityfriendlyhomes.co.uk they have a similar service offering accessible and adapted homes across the uk.

    • 22 July 2009 10:48 AM