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Anyone fancy a spot of adventure?

Last year, Robert May found himself in between jobs at property software companies, so he went on a yacht cruise, as a member of the crew.

He enjoyed it so much, he booked again this year, not realising that as the new operations director of software company Jupix, he would be too busy making waves to have time to go.

So, he’s happy to give his place up to an EAT reader.

It costs nothing, apart from contributions to food, drink and marina dues. And as a member of the crew, there will be the occasional night-watch duty.

Robert says: “This is a genuine once in a lifetime opportunity to sail on one of the world’s finest luxury cruising yachts.

“The trip is split into passages going from Chichester up to the northern tip of Norway by mid-summer.

The passages start in April and go through to the end of September with the Scilly Isles, Channel Isles, Shetland and the Orkneys all on the itinerary.

It is, says Robert, a cruise and not a race. The timetable can also blow off course – last year, the yacht had to stay in a Scottish loch for four days because of gales.

You can find out more at

Anyone interested can email:


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    Is that boat big enough for all thems staff

    • 03 March 2011 11:54 AM
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    What a fantastic opportunity, maybe some of his ex colleagues that have recently been made redundant from CFP software may be interested to follow in his footsteps with the yachting experience!

    • 02 March 2011 17:14 PM
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    "I will never ever understand why a software company wants to publish a 'news story' of this nature"
    Without spending a penny on advertising Robert May (the Operations Director at Jupix) and Oliver Gleave (the Managing Director at Jupix) have managed to tell the industry that Robert May is now at Jupix.
    If you look on Twitter and follow @jupixoperations the full story of the phenomenal explosion in interest for Jupix Estate Agency software is there for all to follow, free from the influence of a corporate marketing budget.
    With 3 large installations of their new Property management system as a result, I know exactly why this publicity was described as a "stroke of Genius" by a professional Marketing Director. It is also apparent from the timing of your post Mr Magoo that he is giving his competition a few sleepless nights!
    Robert May has a lot of respect in the industry and has a lot of people who put their success down to his advice (me included). It would be short sighted to try to bad mouth Robert as the industry knows him far better than you obviously do!

    • 16 February 2011 08:49 AM
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    I will never ever understand why a software company wants to publish a 'news story' of this nature (?) when all us agents couldn't afford to have a good time off - never mind 2 weeks in Benidorm ! Seems to be a lack of communication when MD and SD are posting within couple of hours of each other!
    Sorry guys does not look good - communication.

    • 10 February 2011 02:20 AM
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    The great thing is Anna, no-one needs to do the whole 6 months; some of the 12 stages are as short as 3 days.
    For example Chichester to Islay is a long sail with a couple of overnights. That is a 4 day trip ideal for anyone who needs miles and an overnight for their log book.
    If someone wants their factory fortnight holiday in Norway they can join Astra in Bergen and sail up the coast.
    Another short trip is Falmouth down to Jersey and Guernsey and back to Chichester.
    There are two spare double cabins available for up to 4 people. The boat is fully air conditioned has 240 volt electric, washing machine, deep freeze microwave, electric flushing heads and electric power showers.
    Astra averages 6knts but we saw 12.5 sog this year at Corryvreckan.
    This is a simple yacht to sail and feels just like a big dinghy. Everything is done from the cockpit so there is no need to go "for'ard" especially at night.

    • 31 January 2011 15:52 PM
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    It sounds wonderful, I'll be thinking of that cruise April to September when lettings are so busy I don't know my a*** from my elbow!

    Fantastic chance for someone though!

    • 31 January 2011 13:57 PM
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    We have been fortunate to work with Robert since he joined our firm in October last year.

    Whilst we made provision for the sailing trip during 2011, we felt it necessary to offer the trip out to other people in the industry, as Robert has too much to be getting on with!

    Robert joins us from CFP Software, where he was the Sales Director for a good many years. He is currently leading on major business development matters for us at JUPIX, whilst overseeing the launch of our Property Management & Accounting system.

    We hope that whoever decides to head off on the boat has a great time.

    • 31 January 2011 09:50 AM
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    “Astra” is owned by a very good friend of mine from Australia. He is a retired RYA Offshore Yachtmaster Instructor. I have been sailing for over 40 years and I cannot recommend the boat or owner more highly. Very safe and very capable
    This should interest anyone who is looking for some serious mile building for their Yachtmaster or anyone who wants a change from summer in the Solent or Med.
    This boat was one of the attractions at the Southampton Boat show 2009; last years’ sail was the sea trials and shakedown cruise.
    Anyone who proves themselves likeable and capable could end up on the 3 year world cruise back to Australia via the Mediterranean, Cape Verde, Caribbean South America, and Up the West Coast to Canada then across the Pacific!
    The offer is extended to family and friends of readers, so they can get in contact too.

    • 31 January 2011 08:25 AM