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Written by rosalind renshaw

Agents using Core, Vebra and CFP software will now be able to get their properties automatically listed on social media.

Parent company GMG Property Services – part of the Guardian – has launched a Social Media Bundle, which will be available to users at no extra charge.

It works by automatically data-feeding property through to the new Facebook Marketplace, Twitter and the Oodle Network.

The deal with Facebook Marketplace is an exclusive. GMG says Facebook Marketplace has proved itself a successful platform for advertising property in the United States.
Agents can also upgrade to a Social Media Plus Bundle, which gives a range of additional features linked to Facebook.

Mark Goddard, group managing director of GMG Property Services, said: “With our Social Media Bundle, we are offering our clients easy access to post their property listings on Google, Facebook, Twitter and the Oodle network.

“By using social media platforms, they are able to engage more effectively with their customers on a more flexible basis, as it gives them the opportunity to get their listings out quickly and efficiently to a large group of people.

“It can also work as a two-way communication tool, as followers can leave comments or feedback.  

“The purpose of the Social Media Bundle is to provide our customers with an additional stream of online inquiries, and encourage them to use the emerging platforms that look set to dominate the way we do business.

“We are very pleased to have been chosen as the exclusive partner for this service, as it gives any customers of Vebra, Core and CFP a real advantage in the market.”


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    Is this all not getting out of hand? Are agents slowly generating an IT rod, not just for their own back but those of their customer be seller or buyer.

    IT is slowly becoming the politicaly correct way of how eveything has to be done. Not all ideas are good, just look at the animal RM became due to many not looking far ahead and fear (incorrectly) we can't do without.

    Is the industry loosing control of it's business eventually to it's own detriment?

    • 06 July 2010 13:44 PM
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    It's this sort of innovation that enabled Guardian Property to make almost £10 million losses last year and almost a million this. Still as trends go it's heading in the right direction.

    • 05 July 2010 15:06 PM
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    Lion-o - It depends on how the settings work.

    If all of your 'market place' listings have to appear on your wall I would say no - If you can change settings so that they just sit on the tab at top of page then I would say yes. An example of an agent doing it already is Newman, but all their listings appear on their wall which I'm not keen on.

    An alternative would be to set up a second page just to have your listings on - not a great alternative.

    • 05 July 2010 13:02 PM
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    I agree with Ben too. Twitter is great for networking & building relationships, and from that, business can be generated. It is not about blatant property ads.

    Twitter can be used to 'listen' to an agents local community and respond as and when appropriate. It can be a very powerful marketing tool for agents.

    • 05 July 2010 10:27 AM
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    I agree with Ben. It gets a bit dull seeing pages of listings on twitter. Perhaps its only worth tweeting individual properties which offer something really special and is of genuine interest to the twitter community.

    • 05 July 2010 10:11 AM
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    Is it worth listing on Facebook Ben? I do post a lot on Twitter - general comments not stock details...any advice welcome, as we are a new agent looking to try different things!

    • 05 July 2010 10:07 AM
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    Nice to see GMG generating new marketing opportunities to their agent. Facebook/Oodle is worth a try for agents to advertise in addition to their current arrangements. I warn agents however that putting listings on twitter can do more harm than good. Broadcasting products/properties is not the purpose of using twitter for business. It should be about building relationships by networking.

    • 05 July 2010 09:29 AM
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    we already deo this!! This is not new.

    • 05 July 2010 07:45 AM