Lime Green is ‘Colour of the Year’ For Agents


MPL Interiors is naming Lime Green as its ‘Colour of the Year’ for estate agents, after rising demand for the shade in office interiors.

Whilst colour guide Pantone has named Honeysuckle Pink the colour for 2011, MPL Interiors is seeing a growing demand amongst agents for colours like lime green and purple for their office interiors. 

According to MPL, agents are moving away from the traditional colours of beige, brown, red and blue and embracing brighter and vibrant colours.

MPL forecasts that the top five most popular interior colours for 2011 are:

-          No 1 Lime green

-          No 2 Purple

-          No 3 Burnt Orange

-          No 4 Gold

-          No 5 Black

Lime Green is ‘Colour of the Year’ For Agents

Mike Simons, Joint Partner of MPL Interiors, comments: “Over the last few years, lime greens have become a popular colour throughout interior design and corporate branding disciplines. This in partly due to the fresh, youthful and energetic connotations of such a vibrant bold colour.  Its use can also be attributed to a new corporate ethic and associations with the green movement.

“Agents are using lime green as a signature colour across wallpapers, maps, flooring and furniture.  To offset its vibrancy, it is being blended with very dark colours, most commonly walnut and charcoal.

“Agents are also increasingly using carpets and fabrics usually more associated with domestic design and the colour pallets also reflect the trend toward domesticity. We are seeing a trend towards ‘boutique residential’ in branch interiors, with the use of lounge type chairs, lamps, rugs and striking feature wallpaper, to create a more welcoming and warm environment. Chandeliers are very popular at the moment, together with Chesterfield sofas and exotic rugs and many agents are mixing classic and traditional pieces with very contemporary decoration and the latest high-tech signage and displays.”

MPL Interiors offers a range of office design and refurbishment packages designed to match specific needs and budget and has a proven track record in completing commercial fit outs to the highest quality, on-time and within budget.

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