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We’ve heard of houses being offered in raffles, top-of-the-range cars being given away with houses, and even, on one occasion, a luxury cow being given away with a cottage (a Jersey, since you ask, let’s say no moo).

But here’s a completely new incentive: the person who buys a property in Hove will get all their purchase money back – and that’s £1,395,000 of it – if the local football team go up.

Championship side Brighton & Hove Albion, aka the Seagulls, are tipped for promotion so it is quite likely that the purchaser of Albion House could have a refund as their goal.

The four-bedroom property has been on the market with Winkworth, where Sarah Turck said: “My job is to get people interested in a property. I believe this truly unique concept will generate lots of interest. It’s the first time this has been done anywhere and is certainly a unique opportunity.”

The house been extensively refurbished by its current owners, sculptor Martin Senior and Debbie Deakin. Senior said: “We love living in Brighton and  Hove and it is great the football team is doing so well this season. Our house is a beautiful place to live and we wanted to create a bit of extra excitement about it.

“We promise to anyone who buys my house that if Brighton and Hove Albion get promoted this season, we will give the buyer all their money back. They get to keep the house. No questions asked, every single pound will be paid back.”

Buyers who play the game will get a ‘stunning’ (to coin an estate agency word) residence with a large open-plan living space with bi-folding doors leading to the architecturally designed tropical garden and summer house. The master suite has a large roof terrace including far reaching views towards the sea. Additionally there is a guest suite and two further double bedrooms.

So, what – or perhaps we should say, who – is the secret behind this latest wheeze?

Look no further than sports and estate agency marketeer Boyd Butler, who tells us that the promotion is being underwritten by Airton Risk, a division of Paddy Power.

The knack, he says, is to pick a good promotion at around 10-15% insurance rates, and for the seller to pay for the insurance rather than drop their price. For example, in leafy SW19 the bet might be on Andy Murray winning Wimbledon. Boyd’s firm, KAM Sports International, arranges the insurance and handles the PR.

Ah. But the bottom line is: will it actually sell the property?

EAT will revisit this story when the football league season ends in May and reveal all!

Meanwhile, for agents interested in knowing more, here’s the lowdown.

House buyer will get all money back if football club wins promotion


House buyer will get all money back if football club wins promotion


House buyer will get all money back if football club wins promotion



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    Being Welsh rugby is my game but for the record I am a Liverpool supporter (53 seasons and pre Shankly!!) and also for the record Brighton will not go up.

    Fortunately for football quality Southampton will !!

    • 22 February 2012 21:23 PM
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    Quite right guys, there's a margin on the house. The seller can either lower the house price or do a promotion...which gets full page coverage and front page coverage in the Brighton Argus, on BBC Sussex breakfast show, in Daily Mail and other he gets interest in his property and the agent gets thanked by the owner.

    The potential buyers see the house, think "I might take a look at that" and visit the house. They like what they see but either negotiate a lower price, (owner has the margin anyway) or take the offer of Brighton going up. Cost to the agent for putting the promo together zero. Cost to the seller zero (until he sells his house).

    So it's a marketing promotion that gets great coverage that costs nothing - until it is successful.

    The concept is right for at least one agent in each major town/city. And it can be applied to refunding agent's fees and insuring this too.

    Using big news stories and events means that you are already tapping into existing thought processes.

    Now when this house is also publicised at the Amex stadium for free on Saturday...that's just a bonus.

    Imagine a solicitor offering you all their conveyancing fees for any house you send their way if the local team draw 0-0...might make you refer one or two to them? (12% insurance from the solicitor covers the £2000 they may end up paying you.)

    I've used this promotion to sell boat berths and conveyancing. It works by getting the publicity (for nothing) and then the seller does the rest.

    Marketing means you have to communicate to the right people, (market) in the right media (email/text/newspapers etc) with the right message, (so they take action).

    Always happy to help any agent that likes this promo idea.

    PS, we are paid by the insurer to promote this service on a retainer so agents can tap our experience and brain power for zilch. Somethings really are too good to be true.

    • 22 February 2012 12:24 PM
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    Bad luck guys, don't think brighton is going up

    • 22 February 2012 11:29 AM
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    Idustry Observer - Obersving football obviously not your strong point..Brighton are 4 points off the play offs. They were unbeaten in January, have only lost to Liverpool so far in Feb and have beaten Leeds, Newcastle and Leicester of late!!

    • 22 February 2012 11:12 AM
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    @Ian and the property is 15% over priced to pay for the insurance premium perhaps?

    I bet they also wouldn't pay back interest on the mortgage, mortgage redemption penalties or stamp duty.

    • 22 February 2012 10:13 AM
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    If they think Brighton are doing well this season then it is not only in pricing their property where they are delusional - The Seagulls will do well to avoid relegation given their current form!!

    • 22 February 2012 09:24 AM
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    Another way of saying the property is hugely overpriced and the owners are trying a gimmick to extract more cash from a buyer.

    • 22 February 2012 09:18 AM