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Written by Mike Jones

An estate agent has gone ultra high-tech with a proposition that will allow potential buyers to look around property using Google Glass technology

Aston Chase is working with real estate video production company VistaBee to create what is described as a high quality cinematic video of a luxury penthouse in St John’s Wood using new Google Glass technology.

Google Glass, currently in testing phase, was used to shoot the entire property giving prospective buyers a detailed tour of the luxury pad including its stunning views across London.

Steve Reilly, CEO and founder of VistaBee, said: “For estate agents, it lets the client see exactly what the home is like from the viewers' perspective, thus allowing the agent or vendor to add value in a way that was not possible before."

He added: “VistaBee is committed to creating the world’s highest quality online video for business through our crowd sourced video production platform and the
use of our talented Vista 'Bees' to create high quality digital content for the real estate, news and fashion sectors. We see Google Glass and wearable technology as
a game changer, being an integral part of our content creation and syndication technologies."

Mark Pollack Director of Aston Chase, said: “We are delighted to embrace new technology, when it adds value to the Realtors tool kit. We were the first to offer
cinematic videos to our clients and using Google Glass in this way, keeps our vendors ahead of the competition."


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    Great - do you have a link to a demo please?

    • 22 January 2014 09:19 AM
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    'We were the first to offer
    cinematic videos to our clients'

    No you wasn't...not even close.

    • 22 January 2014 09:18 AM
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