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Written by rosalind renshaw

Connells has acquired Burchell Edwards, a 16-office firm in the Midlands, for an undisclosed sum.

The sale comes just three years after Burchell Edwards Estate Agents went into voluntary administration in the autumn of 2008 in the depths of the housing recession.

It was quickly bought out of administration by its management, Michael Bruce and his brother Kenny, via a company called Burchell Edwards Midlands, after shedding 32 staff.  

Michael Bruce said: “That was a torrid time. But we built back up by consolidation and getting the right people involved in the business.”

Neither Michael Bruce, who has been chairman of Burchell Edwards, or chief executive Kenny Bruce, are staying with the business after its sale to Connells. Instead, said Michael Bruce, they will be concentrating on their business venture, JKM Property Solutions.

Connells said they were ‘delighted’ with their acquisition of their latest purchase, which includes 14 branded Burchell Edwards branches, two Ashley Adams branches and a conveyancing firm, Be Legal. All 16 branches handle both sales and lettings, and employ some 120 staff.

The purchase takes the Connells network to 487 offices.

Connells chief executive Stuart Flavell said: “This acquisition of an already successful and profitable independent estate agency will reinforce Connells’ strength in the Midlands housing market.

“Burchell Edwards will retain its existing trading names but benefit from Connells’ award-winning mortgage provision and support systems.
“We started 2011 with plans to build the Connells network and make strategic acquisitions to grow the business.

“The investment into Burchell Edwards estate agency marks the latest effort to boost Connells coverage and success in the residential market, both across the Midlands and nationwide.

“We are also keen to expand further and are seeking future acquisitions of estate agency and lettings businesses.”

The business that the Bruce brothers will now concentrate on, JKM Property Solutions, works with estate agents to sell properties in need of refurbishment.

The business is chaired by Harry Hill, former Countrywide boss, who has put £1.5m into it, and its directors include Gerry Fitzjohn, deputy chairman of the operating company that runs the Property Ombudsman scheme.

Last week, Hill said: “I can confirm that whilst JKM, like every provincial property business, is finding the market to be subdued, and sales arranged taking longer than we would like to exchange and complete (with the subsequent effect to cashflow etc), the business is not in severe financial difficulties and is trading normally with all its suppliers.

“Of course, we recognise that however hard one tries (and JKM do try very hard), it is impossible to delight every client every time.

“But in truth my visits (including one last week in Solihull) to homes renovated and sold with the JKM solution, normally find the buyers totally delighted with the home.”


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    Also, Pee Wee, loving your idea of a perfomance related pay for training.

    Now that really is Bucks Fizz!!!! (takes a bow)

    So get your business plan drawn and You can present it to the board at 10am, and first session is at 11am.

    All Fizzed up by 12 and we're away!!!

    I might even join you, and lets be honest, if Jonnie joins in as well, they just wouldnt stand a chance!!

    Night all x

    • 17 November 2011 23:19 PM
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    Yes, all Ok now, and Pee Wee, no apology required. As I said right at the start, we all love a bit of banter, and none more so than me - its all in the spirit of improving that lovely business we call Estate Agency.

    I am honestly bored of all the rubbish training sessions there are out there, we DO need something different dont we ? And maybe, just maybe a revolution on training methods is just what we all need.

    I remember once, years ago, going into my office with a cassette recorder (showing my age again) and just before our morning meeting putting a song on by Queen (called Dont stop me now). I started prancing around, laughing, jigging around, in the vain hope that those around me would get up, join in and start looking ridiculous with me. No such luck I'm afraid. All I got was some puzzled faces staring back at me. I guess my point is that, how do you MAKE enthusiasm ? Is it built in ? Are you born with a 'glass is half full mentality ' ? Actually I think you are. - So, are we wasting our time training drongos who really dont want to be there, or should be getting back to the interview process and only putting through those guys who do 'Fizz' and reject the rest ?

    Its all about attitude isnt it ? With the right attitude, you can do anything you want - If you think you can, you can. If you think you cant, youre right. I have preached that to my kids for years - one of them embraces it, the other is a 'glass is half empty type of person' - I blame his Dad.......

    However, what I am trying to say here is that I think you are born a salesperson. And as employers we should work harder to find those little gems - maybe I am wrong (I know I know, its very unlikely but hey, if you can admit it Pee Wee then so can I ;) But if I had my own business I would work the hardest to find the best people out there - those with drive and passion, as you said. I know they are out there, and thats what the public want. I am sick of apathy in our industry, it IS giving us all a bad name - but what do we do ? Well all I know is that I reckon I Fizz, as I am sure you guys do, I can tell - so get working on a 'anti apathy' remedy Pee Wee - have a think about what to do and I am sure between us all we could get a few drongos out a few Fizzers in!!!!

    Whaddya say fellas ????

    Hugs, Kisses AND Cuddles tonight! x

    • 17 November 2011 23:09 PM
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    This doesn't happen often. Seems like I owe you a big apology. Your last post makes me look a prat with what I said to you in the first couple of volleys I launched way back last week. Therefore, I apologise.

    In my defence, I am passionate about 'the cause'. As are you, clearly. I took your 'passion' (the vehement defence of corporatism) to be a sideswipe at the independent side of the industry - in fairness, it was quite easy to make that assumption (which you will never admit to, of course... ;o) ), even if that was not the actual intention...

    I laugh when I read your comment about technology and reliance upon same. Takes me back to 'the good old days' when, although working for a corporate, I was given plenty of rope by my Area Director (...gaffer, in real-world speak...) to be 'inventive' with my mailshotting and internal advertising. So - I prepared one which said words to the effect of:

    "PeeBee & Co - the ONLY Local Agent who could sell YOUR house during a power cut..."

    I got a barrel-load of instructions straight from the arms of my competitors! ;o)

    As I go into Estate Agents' offices frequently, or ring them, I sadly concur wholeheartedly with your findings that many staff hardly seem up for the fight when you speak to them. There is no visible passion. Trouble is - in many of these cases perhaps that is because there is no passion full stop! I find this incredible sad, as the people who come through the door are possibly about to embark on one of the most exciting journeys of their lives - but the 'driver' can't be bothered and simply sticks the vehicle on auto-pilot!

    In my opinion, these people are in the wrong job. Even on the darkest, coldest, most miserable day, the sight of a potential buyer or seller coming through the door lit up my world.

    I wholeheartedly agree with you that these are the people who give the industry its reputation - NOT the guys'n'gals who put heart, soul and pretty much everything else into the tasks in hand. It is the old saying - a chain is only as strong as the weakest link - isn't it? But - sometimes the INDUSTRY is its' own weakest link, as it receives nothing but bad press and does nothing about it.

    So - do you need every office to be full of 'Fizzy Lizzies' - or just one, in the hope that they will spread some effervescence (not a bad effort by the way - especially at var nigh midnight... ;o) ) around like fairy dust?

    If I were to re-enter the fold, that is what I would like to be challenged with. Putting the spark back. Reigniting the fires, so as to speak - although in many cases there has never so much as a smoulder, from what I have witnessed...

    Believe it or not, Marie - I'm ONE HELL of a motivator!!

    Maybe I'll 'do a Richard' (Rawlins), and become a freelance trainer. I'd do it differently, though. I would charge a Fee based upon improvement in performance - none of this 'fifty quid per delegate per sesh' malarkey...

    What do you reckon? Or would you consider me too 'dangerous' to be let loose with your stragglers, Marie?

    And come on, you others - join in the debate. How do YOU motivate your staff? DO you motivate your staff?

    God knows... they need it at the minute...

    • 17 November 2011 12:40 PM
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    Jonnie: And to think all this love and hugs malarkey we are now enjoying came about (eventually - first the pain...now the gain! ;o) ) by me defending YOUR reputation and 'qualification' to make a comment on the original matter!!

    I guess I owe you one, matey!

    Now it's YOUR turn, buddy. Time to turn your inimitable charm on - show the lady that you know your onions and that you weren't having a pop at the corporates in the way she thought you were...

    Come on - join in - we need more love in the room! ;o)

    • 17 November 2011 10:24 AM
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    You two okay know?


    • 17 November 2011 09:41 AM
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    Pee Wee - big one coming up

    Perhaps we are not married but actually the same person ? I know we are not married because my husband completely disagrees with my obsession with our industry, and every time I walk past an agents window whilst on holiday, he scowls as I quote 'Busmans Holiday'. I think the technical term for people like me is 'Saddo'. I suspect you are also a 'Saddo'.

    Maybe we should form a club of Saddo's. There seems to be plenty of us about - middle aged grouches who love nothing better than to harp on about the good old bad old days.

    Well I started in agency in 1988 for an Indie and bumbled along from there on in, recession, boom, recession, recession, recession. Hold tight next year is going to be a bumpy ride methinks.

    Just to let you into a little secret, as we now seem to be friends, I have moved on from the day to day coal face activity and take more of a national role. Actually, the one thing I really miss is the public - and back on the 80's 90's and naughties when good old customer rapport was king, that was the way I thrived. I LOVED the faces of the FTB's when they came in to get their keys of their first home, I loved the way you really had to sell to get a sale back then.

    At the risk of sounding really old (and I am only 45) I think that all EA's (and in particular Indies) seem to rely on so much technology these days that they have forgotten whats really important - Rapport.

    Then again, do our guys have time for Rapport these days ? not really I suppose. They are too busy posting on facebook and commenting on EA forums like this one!

    I went into 2 of our branches today, one was full of apathy and a mediocre attitude to customer service, the other was an office brimming with effervesence (I just know you are gritting your teeth and dying to pick me up on my spelling here but it is late and I would ask that you give me a break)

    When I left the branches it struck me that the publics view of the brand is pretty much entirely built on the individual experiences they encounter with our staff, and if they receive apathy and crap service (great adjective, 'crap') then that is the view they form of the 'Company' - when at the other branch where there is enthusiasm and a great service, then all is well with their perception, and forever more the client will be positive about the brand. Its strange how one individual can so fundamentally affect the view of one persons opinion on a whole company. That thought scares me to death actually.

    We are in a service industry and I reckon that those of us who really earned our spurs in the 80's and had to TRULY sell during those years, are those of us who have gone on to shape good careers in the future. I just wish that all of the people in everyones branches 'fizzed' a little bit more. Its just ever so sad dont you think ??

    Oh well - something for you to think about I guess ?

    • 16 November 2011 23:42 PM
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    If only there was something interesting I could tell you!

    This is it - what you see on screen is what you get in 'real life'. I am Marmite - loved or hated.

    I share your passion for property and the property industry. It's all I've ever done, and for my sins was, for a decade-and-a-half-and-a-bit-more, an Estate Agent. I tell myself that I was a bloody good one. Mainly because nobody else ever did...

    Now - I sit on the sidelines, watching intently. Poacher-cum-gamekeeper, I suppose you could say (and before you say it - no - I'm NOT a TSO or an Ombudsman henchman!).

    But, using my past and present life and work experiences as a guide, if I see something (or someone...) I disagree with, then I shout about it. Similarly, I let people know when I see something good.

    And that's it in a rather large nutshell.

    Now - as far as your post goes:

    Paragraph 2:
    I will only have a pop at you if I think you deserve it (unless you like that sort of thing, of course, when I may be prepared to do so when you least expect and deserve it just in order to REALLY irritate you ;o) )

    I VERY rarely fight with women because...:
    a) my Dad taught me not to;
    b) I prefer my danglies to remain WHERE they are; the COLOUR they are; and the SIZE they are...
    c) what's the bloody point?

    I don't believe for one nanosecond that you will ever let me slink away to lick my wounds believing I have won.

    Third paragraph: I know... I know... I know... I know... and I know.

    Fourth paragraph. Yeah - tell me something I didn't know!

    I'm still of the opinion we may be married, by the way... ;o)

    • 16 November 2011 21:17 PM
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    LOL!!!! No I dont think I am your wife, and actually you no longer irritate me, I am amused.

    I love a fight though, so dont give up having a pop at me - I will undoubtedly fight back , we will argue that we are both right, then eventually after some wrangling will agree that we are both right, so niether of us actually concedes defeat.

    Of course, in reality, I will always win, as I always get my own way - and I reserve the right to question your manhood, height or anything else that gets a reaction ;)

    I havent run out of things to say - that will never happen.

    Tell me about yourself Pee Wee

    • 16 November 2011 18:13 PM
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    Hmm... so - a truce is announced and we now agree to fight for a common aim. I can live with that.

    Like you, Marie, I never, ever, concede defeat - or that I am wrong in any way, shape or form. I do, however, reserve the right to amend my opinion on any matter should the need arise... ;o)

    You are a strange bag 'o' tricks, mind. You like an "assertive" man - but one who needs to be more than 1.68m tip-to-toe or he becomes the male equivalent of thrush; the kind of man who has an opinion - but must keep that opinion strictly to himself; and you enjoy a fair fight as long as the female winner is announced in strict X-Factor style, several hours before the contest gets under way! ;o)

    No wonder us poor blokes lose our hair!

    Thing is, we now have a problem. Here are the symptoms:

    We've left ourselves nothing to talk about.
    I irritate you. A lot.
    We refer to hugs and kisses - but never get round to it.
    We both seek amusement in our lives.
    We both clearly have NO LIFE whatsoever.

    Are you my wife by any chance?

    • 15 November 2011 22:49 PM
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    Pee Wee

    Well I am almost falling in love with you now! I love an assertive man, especially one with a bit of fight and a strong opinion to boot, even if he does wear platform shoes.......(joke!)

    Yes, more than happy to team up with you, Gloria and others to defend / debate our industry - I honestly love my job and the whole industry and completely see your point too (but I am also very stubborn and admit defeat very rarely), so lets just agree that sometimes, every now and again, there will be differences of opinion along the way.

    In terms of the Corps vs Indies lets just say that I am completely corporatised (is that a word ?) and would have it no other way, however, without the Indies, yes I would be nowhere.

    Now come on Pee Wee (I really cant concede on the name thing as it amuses me every time I type it, and we all need a little amusement in our lives dont we ?) Whats the new debate going to be ?

    Open to suggestions on the subjects of course .........

    Hugs and kisses right back at ya.

    Behold - peace has broken out on the EAT forum....

    • 15 November 2011 21:00 PM
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    So, Marie - is there going to be a common ground for us to carry on reasoned discussion. I've made you laugh; I've probably var nigh made you cry as well (for which by the way I would not take any pleasure, as I absolutely guarantee you that I cannot suffer from SMS - unless of course I am really a small man trapped inside an extremely large man's body...!)

    ANYWAY - you and Gloria have had your little giggles; you've decided that small portions are on the menu at Casa PeeWee (deliberate...) and that Mrs PeeWee (deliberate again...) is therefore desperately in need of fulfilment. Dunno about that - I'll have to click on GoCompare or something & check out the competition in that respect.

    Now that you've got all that out of the way, hows about getting back on point? You have twenty-odd years of experience in the property industry; I have thirty-odd. We BOTH agree that corporates ain't such a bad thing. Considering that you cut your teeth on the independent circuit, I think we both agree that the indies also can bring plenty of good stuff to the party also. You just went a bit OTT (...in my humble opinion...) on your defence of the former - which I can understand, reading some of the comments on this and other storylines here on EAT and elsewhere. But you know as well as I do that knocking the competition in any way is simply bad form, and does nothing to improve your standing - it simply lowers EVERYONE in the eyes of the beholders. That was my point to you. Okay - I could have made it without most of the vitriol - but I doubt that I would have got your attention that way and it CERTAINLY provoked a reaction! ;o)

    So - where do we go from here? Over half a century of combined experience; both worn the colours of both camps; both in a position now to continue to duel with handbags (obviously we cannot willy-wave as Jonnie would put it - you through lack of equipment an me... well, actually, according to Gloria we bothe seem to be in the same boat in that respect... :o| ) - or we can find common ground to walk on in the best interests of the property industry (which would suit us all better, surely).

    Bring to the table also my mucker Jonnie, who, if I remember rightly has notched up pretty much the same period of service as you have (as, if memory serves me correctly, has you new buddy Gloria...) - we've got quite a lot to offer, haven't we?

    And we ALL think there's no-one better than ourselves - so that should be one Hell of a team if we are anywhere near right on that score...! ;o)

    Now - you might just see this as a climbdown by me. Fair enough - if you want to claim a victory, then I cannot stop you but all it will do is set us off again on completely non-productive shenanegans - and giving all the Agent-bashers and HPC militants cause for titilation.

    I'd simply rather work WITH you than against. And you are also very right - I've NEVER walked away from a scrap in my life and I don't intend to change that anytime soon!

    Just ask Mr Hendry... (cue HIS entry to the arena... ;o) )

    I look forward to your response.

    Love 'n' hugs again - see - I'm a pussycat really! Oh - and don't think I'm doing all this just for you to drop the PeeWee thing. If you want a pet name to call me - then you just carry right on!

    One day, you might just know me well enough to call me Pee... ;o)

    • 15 November 2011 12:37 PM
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    Pee Wee - sorry about the typo's in the last post.

    Higs and kisses and laughing out load were not deliberate!!

    • 14 November 2011 19:35 PM
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    Oh fair play - you have seriously made me laugh out load there! Quite happy to continue the banter pee wee - by the way, I dont know how old you think I am, but I aint THAT old!

    I like your attitude actually - you are definately a 'fight' person from the fight or flight possy! Good on yer.

    Looking forward to he higs and kisses you promise as well.

    Watch out - I might just take you up on that!!!

    Yours in anticipation, Marie

    • 14 November 2011 19:33 PM
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    Sorry to hear you are bored. Or is it ADHD? I gather it wasn't easily spotted in the seventies...

    "Given in"? Me? You really don't know me at all...

    I ain't even warmed up yet, but like your namesake you simply appear and disappear without trace.

    Rather than pretend that I have conceded deafeat in some strange manner that does not get a mention in my response - how about simply acknowledging the fact that you simply wouldn't respond to my last post because there was nowhere for you to go that won't sink you deeper than you already are, eh?

    As far as you and I having had previous 'discussions' on this site - good. I hope they were more pleasant than the current set. I much rather engage in sensible and meaningful debate as this diatribe - but as it seems to amuse you and keep you off the streets where you could be doing far more damage than on this site, I suppose, then I will class this as services to the community.

    And as far as driving me mad to figure out who you have posted as before - I won't be giving it a second thought. Couldn't give a shizzle, to be honest. If you feel you have to change your identity to try to portray a different personality or opinion, then good for you. I don't need multiple identities - as I only have one opinion which doesn't change with the name I use.

    By the way - the PeeWee thing. You gleefully state on another storyline to 'Gloria' that it is my "new name". Like you came up with it all by your little self. Sorry, sweetcheeks - bigger and better than you have ran that one before - which is probably where you got it as there is no such thing as a new idea.

    Like I said earlier, makes YOU look the numpty, not me. I've been called all the kn*bs, kn*ckers and every name between, and it don't bother me one iota.

    But if it floats your boat, then I'm pleased to be of service - and PeeWee I will no doubt remain in your eyes regardless.

    (just don't PeeWee yourself when you giggle at it. I gather that's a problem with women of a 'certain' age... )

    Love & hugs,


    • 14 November 2011 17:21 PM
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    Bored now.

    I have lost interest because you have given in.

    It was nice of you, by the way - thanks.

    No spell checker used on any of my posts, which are varied and many, going back many months. I thought I would let you into that little secret as I knew it would drive you mad.

    Watch out for me Pee Wee, I will be back, but maybe you wont recognise me (and maybe just maybe you havent realised who I am yet, but we have 'spoken' before!!!)

    Now because this thread is becoming increasingly more difficult to find, I wont be looking for your reply, so dont bother writing one - just look out for me elsewhere.........

    Good day to you Sir!

    • 14 November 2011 16:30 PM
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    That the best you can do. Your years of training and what you will no doubt call "tireless effort" to get you where you are today - and you can only muster up a cheap bastardisation of my forum name and question my height?

    Shame... I had actually hoped you were made of better stuff than that.

    And as far as your excuse for your posts - allegedly in defence of corporate agency - you took the line of simply knocking the reputation of independents. Even in your last post, you go one step further and sneakily question the working practices of OTHER corporates! You really are a piece of work, aren't you?

    You seem to think that I have a problem with you working for a corporate. Did I say that? No - you will find I did not. I started my Agency life in one of the top three corporates - and loved every minute of it. They were no worse; no better than any other. The company had its merits; it also had its downfalls - usually those which were 'cascaded down' from the suits at Head Office who had never visited a branch in years, never mind interacted with a customer. It is the people on the ground who make the company what it is, Marie - and the quicker you remember (or learn...) that, the better.

    Tell you what. If it makes you feel better - cleanses your conscience - to continue the competition-bashing then say that it is ME who is in the wrong... then go ahead - knock yourself out at my expense. I can take it. I've had FAR better than you have a pop at me before now - and that is likely to continue.

    What is REALLY sad is that you are doing yourself and your company harm and you do not even realise it. By saying what you have, you have not lifted yourself above the competition - you have driven them all below you instead. What you have said is tantamount to "We are the best of what is a REALLY BAD bunch". Brilliant advert for the industry.

    And because you don't identify your own company, YOU could well be one of those who are "...a little more 'cut throat' that the organisation I work for." Is your second name Ratner, by any chance?

    Your company must be so proud.

    Still - at least you managerd to run your last offering through the spell-checker. Nice to see I've had SOME effect, at least...

    Oh - by the way - your guesstimate of my height is ALMOST as inaccurate and misleading as virtually every other word you have committed to screen. Not that my height has anything to do with anything, by the way.

    Does your company have an equality and diversity policy by the way - or are undertall men simply not second interviewed?

    • 14 November 2011 09:51 AM
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    pee WEE

    After dragging my PA in on a Sunday at 11pm (which you must be used to as you have had teams of petal throwers at your feet for 24 hours a day in the past) I feel compelled to respond AGAIN just to see if you can actually get my point - or, if indeed this is just a forum for you critise everyone who happens to have an opnion.

    Exactly how tall are you by the way ? My guess is no more than 5ft 6 inches (in heels) . Small man syndrome is my diagnosis, however we will wait and see what delights THIS post throws back. Maybe a tad personal, but hey I reckon you deserve it after your last little tirade.

    I have no need, desire or inclination to prove you wrong by dragging up all of your previous posts, which is what you appear to have done to mine. Do you really have nothing better to do than pick flies with spelling and grammar ?

    Listen - if you read back through my posts AGAIN(third time lucky...) you will note that in the interests of the mighty CORPORATE, I felt the need to defend their reputation. Of course, I can only defend what I know about, and as such many of the other large companies out there may actually be a little more 'cut throat' that the organisation I work for.

    All it is, is an opinion, nothing more nothing less. I do feel qualifed to respond, as for 20 odd years in the industry working for large and small companies, I have seen the lot - and my organisation of preferance happens to be the CORPORATE - what on earth is wrong with that ?

    I run my department as if it is my own business, with its own P & L account, and my staff are happy, as are our clients. heaven forbid that all is well on planet corporate!!!

    Anyway its rather late and quite honestly I am in need of some rest before the week ahead kicks in.

    Its been a pleasure doing business with you Pee Wee - your scathing comments thus far have done no more than made me laugh ......oh made me laugh so much that I have shared them with my friends, who also think you have small man syndrome. Never mind Pee Wee, I hear Cuban heels are back in fashion.........

    • 13 November 2011 23:15 PM
  • icon

    Marie. A wordy reply is called for. Sorry folks.

    I am of course impressed with your response. The fact that you have managed to get your PR department to come in on a Saturday, write your reply for you (pity no-one bothered to proof-read it, though - the spelling and grammar are both atrocious and someone wants sacking for letting that through...) , and get it approved by the Board so you could press 'submit' is testament to your obvious supreme power within the organisation you rent a desk from.

    Which part of reality have I lost sight of, by the way? And what in my post brought you to that conclusion?

    I will concede one point. You ARE right that I spend a significant amount of time posting on EAT.

    Am I right that so far your contributions have amounted to three posts? But I suppose you put down "reading informative industry-related articles on EAT" in order to collect your CPD 'brownie points', so you are therefore well qualified to then make comment as to the content of my offerings. But as far as "critising everyone for having an opinion and defending their industry...", then I will take you to task on your choice of words as I have written tens of thousands of words here on EAT in defence of an industry I no longer practice within - and despite your stating that you currently hold a senior position in Agency, your posts have contained more ill will than good!

    That, is a shame. And one you cannot deny, for it is here to be seen.

    You work FIFTY whole hours a week you work? Blimey - I didn't realise that corporates now employ Part-Timers in such lofty positions.

    I had weekenders who clocked more than that for me...

    You say you "dedicate your heart and soul to your clients...". If you really are in the position you claim, you haven't seen a client in months other than the complaint letters that smother your desk.

    You say "I will defend the estate agency reputation through thick and thin". Yet, in your previous posts you do nothing of the sort - instead you fluff up the feathers of corporatism and knock those within the independent sector of the industry, with such ridiculous claims as "the Corporate is a much better run business... and works harder for the customer", and "...I have seen it all - and it is 100% the independant market that gets all estate agents a bad name, not the larger more compliant firms"

    BOTH are statements that you cannot validate. Nor, for that matter, are they correct. Go on - let's see YOU prove ME wrong!

    And as far as me not having a proper job - darlin'... you couldn't hack mine for a week!

    Not that you would get past the interview stage in anycase...

    Hope you still enjoy a bit'o'banter, Marie...?

    • 12 November 2011 20:41 PM
  • icon

    'Pee Bee'

    I am extremely concerned about your well being, clearly you have lost all sense of reality, and thus I would suggest that the men in the white coats may soon be knocking on your very 'wordy' door.

    You have absolutely no idea what so ever about agency clearly, and therefore I would suggest that you refrain from commenting my posts as being 'Merde' when you obviously do not know one of a measuring tape from another (showing my age a bit there)

    Not to worry - its shame you havent got a real job and seem to spend endless hours on here critising everyone for having an opinion and defending their industry. I care not what you think or say, all I know is that I am proud to be part of a large organisation who protect their staff and clients very well and very successfully thank you very much. It may be a corporate that I work for, who have superb leadership throughout the business but that superb leadership filters down through to the very core of our business, the staff on the ground, who are undoubtedly the best in the industry.

    I will defend the estate agency reputation through thick and thin, as I firmly believe that it is the actions of the minority who spoil the retutations of the many, and oh I am so sorry for making money when everyone else is struggling. Maybe if other businesses took the view of the corporates, then they wouldnt be closing down at a rate of 10 per week.

    Admittedly, not everyone is as lucky as me, I work 50 hours a week and dedicate my heart and soul to my clients who I am sure all appreciate the time and effort I put in. If everyone else had the same positive attitude, the EA world would be a much better place I am sure.

    Enjoy your silly little rants which make no sense what so ever, it has certainly brightened up my day!

    I love a bit of banter.....

    • 12 November 2011 14:21 PM
  • icon

    'Marie' -

    I have read and re-read your comments with, erm... interest. No - interest is not the right word.

    Disbelief? Yep - that's the very fellow - total, utter disbelief.

    You state that you are a Director of a corporate Estate Agent; that you have "worked your way up from a junior level" over a twenty year period; that you have worked in that time for a selection of Agents - both corporate (note - lower case only) and independent; and that for some mystical reason you keep to yourself you announce that you are "the perfect example" of someone who has worn both teeshirts and obviously therefore feel 'qualified' to big up your current employer at the expense of those who invested time and effort in you when you knew nowt.

    Here's the thing, though - 96% of what you say is 'merde de taureau'.

    And you still apparently know nowt, judging by your posts...

    There are great Estate Agents working for indies AND corps - real world-beaters. There are frankly abysmal staff employed within each camp also; the lowest of the low who are a danger to themselves and everyone they come into contact with.

    Put them all in a big room together. No clues as to whose name hangs over the door of their offices - and I reckon you wouldn't have the slightest clue where to start picking the wheat from the chaff of the industry.

    It is frankly sad that you feel you have reached a level whereby you know everything - yet display a frightening vacuum of understanding which unbelievably has not kept you at a lower level, commensurate with your knowledge of the industry.

    I suppose really I should congratulate you on your achievement... of not being sussed before now. Twenty years is a long time to pull wool over eyes successfully.

    And as far as your questioning Jonnie's 'qualification' to comment (best example of irony I've seen for years, by the way...), I know who I would want selling MY property any day of the week.

    Yours, PeeBee.
    (ex-Branch Manager/Area Manager/Area Director blah blah etc within both corporate and independent Estate Agency - the name above the door was irrelevant - I worked for my vendors...)

    • 11 November 2011 23:28 PM
  • icon


    I have never worked for a loss making business, and I think you will find that good companies dont have loss making businesses either.

    You are very misguided if you think corporates ;swallow' up losses for any period of time - that just doesnt happen.

    As I have said, I am a perfect example of someone who has experienced both sides of the coin - I have no axe to grind with anyone but after 20 years of experience I think I know what I am talking about. I assume you are niether an estate agent, independant or other and therefore completely unqualified to comment with authority.

    • 11 November 2011 17:29 PM
  • icon


    Alright, if I can find a level with Puzzled then me and you should be alright, plus for reasons I cant suss out im in a very odd mood today, think it might be a dose of the Fridays, not sure

    Now – I aired a view, admittedly I often say things that I have to retract / change my mind on but it was my view. I did, however caveat it with a bit about many ‘corporate’ staff being excellent.

    However, lets imagine that it was against the law to have an EA office that did not make a profit / lost money…………..now, how many offices in the corporate world have losses that the profit makers cover / would need to close down?

    And although I cant quite believe im finding more things in common with Puzzled this seems to support the view that independent businesses must be self funding and by definition successful / profitable.

    The other bit ill chuck in is that from a commercial point of view being a lovely person that is 100% compliant and gives great service etc but in an office that looses money year in year out is a luxury on the corporate staff have – the independent world has to do this and turn a profit to have a future…………..which is harder.


    P.s Anna Key – I know, funny isn’t it – I think I had a personality transplant in the night.

    • 11 November 2011 16:17 PM
  • icon

    Jonnie etc - why is it that everyone always assumes that Independants are better than Corporates ? It really annoys me.

    I work for a Corporate and have previously worked for an Independant, and I would say that the Corporate is a much better run business, more profitable, signed up to all the Ombudsman schemes etc, offers a much more compliant service to the clients and works harder for the customer. The independants I know and who have worked for arent nearly as focussed or driven. I would also say that as a Corporate agent (at Director level) that I have had better prospects for working for a corporate - as I have worked my way up from a junior level over 20 years.

    During that time, I have seen it all - and it is 100% the independant market that gets all estate agents a bad name, not the larger more compliant firms.

    • 11 November 2011 15:37 PM
  • icon

    Jonnie and Puzzled

    Such a lovely finish to this thread!

    • 11 November 2011 15:02 PM
  • icon


    ….erm, I feel bad now, after being a bit horrid to you it seems we agree?

    Firstly I apologise for insinuating you are a short bloke that couldn’t………. well you know………the arse thing I said.

    And now you have made me think, and this is something that the various full on badge wearing EA haters need to have a go at as well;

    I have had a think about all the EA’s on the high street my office is on, and naturally I know most of them and despite competing with them daily and fairly aggressively I believe they are all decent people and none of them fit the oily, sharp suited, sharkey image that some claim.

    They are made up from a mix of ages, sex, race, and are from all walks of life, there are widowers, single mothers, gay, Muslim, Jewish, Catholics, cancer survivors…………it goes on and if you met any of them away from their office / in the street you would never guess their occupation as they are just like the rest of you – wider society I think its called.

    Of course an ill informed odd ball that has never bought a house and is relying on the archaic opinions of his dad (you know who you are lads) will have you believe we still wear white socks.

    I also agree with you on the independent thing but there are so many exceptions it’s a subject you can end up getting a kicking over on here as there are some excellent Connell / Sequence / Countrywide / LSL / Haart staff, thing is the really good ones all end up as partners of independents.


    • 11 November 2011 11:26 AM
  • icon

    To Go on you Bruces:

    I'm puzzled by your expression 'coagulated drivel'. Is this worse, or better, than drivel that has not coagulated.

    Runny drivel is not something that sounds too appealing but then 'coagulated' drivel - well, it's a bit hard to imagine. I suppose it would be a question of how hard and crusty it might be.

    • 11 November 2011 09:43 AM
  • icon

    To Jonnie:
    I hang around here for the same reason I hang around various forums - I sit at a computer all day - often in isolation for long perios - so it keeps the day a bit more interesting.

    My comments about what agents say about each other were a bit tongue in cheek. I will quite happily use an agent when I sell - I know, and have dealt with, plenty of agents who, as well as being basically decent, honest people are also what I really want from an agent - they are good at their job. As house prices have gone up, so have percentage based fees - so I will be hard nosed on the fee front.

    One final little comment - in my experience independent agents are way better than corporates. That's not to say there aren't good corporate branch managers around - but, at the end of the day, as a self employed businessman myself - I jump through all the hoops my customers put in front of me. There is nothing like dealing with the person whose business it is. Nothing focuses the mind better than the idea that if you don't complete any sales this month you have earned nothing.

    • 11 November 2011 09:40 AM
  • icon

    At last someone speaking sense! What a great selection of 'coagulated drivel' there is below. Regarding the 'little darlings' who have been removed from their employ, a lack of commitment, ability and will to succeed was more likely the reason. No business can carry 'dead weight' and be as successful as the Bruces. Having worked with them and witnessed their support, dedication, impecable ethics and dedication to their employees, I can only assume that the continual training, mentoring and opportunities were wasted on those who have commented! The hatchet only swings at those who cannot perform the task!! So lets not be bitter, let's embrace the change and wish Michael and Kenny every success - they deserve it!

    • 10 November 2011 18:10 PM
  • icon

    Why is it that agents get such bad press ? I am an agent and would say this.

    We are the only industry who pays for everything up front, board, adverts, photos, etc etc, do the viewings, negotiate the deal, instruct solicitors, get to the day of exchange only for the vendor to change their mind !!! You dont see many forums slagging off the public and how they treat agents.

    For the majority of agents out there, I hope I speak for you when I say that we are in the main all very honest hard working people with high standards and good morals. Its a shame that we are all tarred with the same brush as irreputable sharks.

    Never worked with the Bruce brothers but I know Connells very well, and I also know that they would never buy a business that hadnt been run professionally and properly. You dont get to be one of the most successful agents in the country by being irresponsible with your money.

    I say good luck to the Bruce Brothers, and to all the staff left behind. keep working hard and you will be rewarded.

    To all of you who have nasty things to say about estate agents - I say one thing...... DO ONE!

    • 10 November 2011 17:56 PM
  • icon

    Training is the key in any big firm.

    In order to assure the highest levels of quality work and productivity from employees, it will be our policy to keep all employees well trained through our program of SPECIAL HIGH INTENSITY TRAINING (S.H.I.T.)

    We are trying to give employees more S.H.I.T. than anyone else. If you feel that you do not receive your share of S.H.I.T. on the job, please see your manager. You will be immediately placed at the top of the S.H.I.T. list, and our managers are especially skilled at seeing that you get all the S.H.I.T. you can handle.

    Employees who don`t take their S.H.I.T. will be placed in DEPARTMENTAL EMPLOYEE EVALUATION PROGRAMS (D.E.E.P S.H.I.T.).

    Those who fail to take D.E.E.P S.H.I.T. seriously will have to go to EMPLOYEE ATTITUDE TRAINING (E.A.T S.H.I.T.).

    Since our managers took S.H.I.T. before they were promoted, they don`t have to do S.H.I.T. anymore, and are all full of S.H.I.T. already.

    If you are full of S.H.I.T., you may be interested in a job training others. We can add your name to our BASIC UNDERSTANDING LECTURE LIST (B.U.L.L. S.H.I.T.).

    Those who are full of B.U.L.L. S.H.I.T. will get the S.H.I.T. jobs, and can apply for promotion to DIRECTOR OF INTENSITY PROGRAMMING (D.I.P. S.H.I.T.).

    If you have further questions, please direct them to our HEAD OF TRAINING, SPECIAL HIGH INTENSITY TRAINING (H.O.T. S.H.I.T.).

    Thank you,
    (B.I.G. S.H.I.T.)

    • 10 November 2011 16:31 PM
  • icon

    @Natalie - 'genuinely care the way they do about customers and their staff, Never have I known an employer who goes the extra mile, put their mobile numbers on the world wide web, look after and genuinely care for the level of service delivered to clients and delivered the same to their staff'

    Seriously Natalie, you have actually worked under the Bruces ? Or witnessed how they deal with clients and staff who disagree with some of their antics ?

    'To Anyone who has a bad word to say - grow a pair, quit your jealousy'........

    Maybe you need to take the well oiled Bruce 'pair' out of your mouth then ?

    • 10 November 2011 16:12 PM
  • icon

    To Jonnie- you are in the wrong job, I belived you then bang!! very very funny! Thanks.

    • 10 November 2011 14:46 PM
  • icon

    @Puzzled Of Tunbridge Wells

    Read your post and first I thought your comments were fair enough – it’s a free country and all that and you quite rightly have the choice to sell via an EA or via one of the numerous ‘self sale’ methods out there. And I thought jolly good for you, nice to see a chap that knows his own mind etc.

    I also thought that has you had drawn such a conclusion and clearly made up your mind that you dislike EA’s based on what you see here and your own ‘experiences’ we might not be graced with your presence here on EAT any longer, and that would be a shame, your comments are always relevant to the subject and have that nice blend of being thought provoking and well informed.

    However, the criticism here appears to be mainly from ex employees of these Bruce brothers and this is where I think you’ve missed the point – in any walk of life ‘bosses’ can make past and present employees dislike them, its not exclusively an EA problem and its an issues that exists in all industries, probably yours as well?

    So, I have decided that these Bruce people might not have been the best employers but that doesn’t make their staff bad people – the same staff that are now employed by Connells who I expect will look after them much better.

    Having drawn this conclusion I also decided that you are talking to the wrong EA’s – you never hear a nice couple from say, South Oxfordshire moaning about EA’s its always odd angry chaps with a whiff of small man syndrome that would struggle to find their own arse with both hands tied behind their back let alone find themselves a decent EA on their local High Street, and my first views on you are wrong / I don’t mean them anymore.

    Good luck with the sale of yours, im sure a lucky buyer will find you an absolute pleasure to deal with directly.


    P.s – of course based on your newly defined mindset you have probably logged off EAT for the last time so you will never read this – after all why would someone that has publicly declared he will not deal with EA’s anymore hang around an EA blog – that really would be odd behaviour.

    • 10 November 2011 13:49 PM
  • icon

    @interested party - I have worked for the Bruces and can only confirm the negative comments on this website. The way staff are treated is terrible and this goes back for years. I work for a reputable national agency now and the difference is incredible.My Area Mngr says we won't be carrying on with JKM because the company is so disorganised. Burchell will be so much better under Connells.

    • 10 November 2011 13:16 PM
  • icon

    @interested party - "It is strange to see so many negative comments from people who will not disclose their true indentity" - i presume interested party is not YOUR real name then?

    And market leading? I fail to see how market leading comes into the equation, otherwise they wouldn't have had to sell. Don't take estate agents words for it, search for their JKM or other businesses on google, there are plenty of comments about them.

    • 10 November 2011 13:02 PM
  • icon

    Good luck to Connells and the Bruce's in whatever they now do.

    Connells are a leading agency business and I'm sure that the company will continue to grow from strength to strength!!

    Be nice to see these people with negative comments giving their names so that they can justify their comments????????????????

    • 10 November 2011 11:11 AM
  • icon

    It is strange to see so many negative comments from people who will not disclose their true indentity and feel they are positioned to make comments based on hear say and third hand information.
    People are scared by change and a forward thinking approach and rather than view the work Michael and Kenny had produced as different and market leading you pass judgement not knowing any information on how the business was run.
    Good luck to two hard working people and Connells are going to enjoy a very well run business

    • 10 November 2011 11:07 AM
  • icon

    Puzzled Of Tunbridge Wells : I understand the sentiment of your post but please let me tell you there ARE some really good Agents out there. This thread has highlighted some sharp practices of individuals who have ran companies badly and treated staff & customer with equal contempt.

    These individuals do NOT represent the whole profession but their actions drag it into disrepute.

    • 10 November 2011 10:35 AM
  • icon

    On various threads on here - it is educational to see what estate agents think of each other.

    The public generally have a very low opinion of estate agents an so, too, do estate agents. You guys obviously know how you and each other work - and you don't think much of each other.

    Next time I sell looks like the 'homenetwork' or 'tepilo' or some such site will have to be tried. After all, it seems none of you would use an estate agent!

    • 10 November 2011 09:43 AM
  • icon

    Natalie Very comendable or you are Harry Hill. Whatever, you have been sold out and now work for one the Skipton's brands, Connells. Best of luck.

    • 10 November 2011 08:44 AM
  • icon

    Perhaps people who really know the Bruce Brothers, who really appreciate all the hours and effort they put into the business and more importantly all the effort they put into their people should be given the right to comment. These clowns who have blogged are clearly clueless scutters. I have known and worked for them for many years and have never seen nor known of any employers who genuinely care the way they do about customers and their staff, Never have I known an employer who goes the extra mile, put their mobile numbers on the world wide web, look after and genuinely care for the level of service delivered to clients and delivered the same to their staff. They are truly an inspriration. The number of staff who have thought the grass is greener on the other side and then been taken back on board with open arms is unreal. Why would people come back if they are that bad? To Anyone who has a bad word to say - grow a pair, quit your jealousy.

    • 09 November 2011 22:33 PM
  • icon

    I have worked for Connells for 9 years, and a better employer you could notwish to find. In my experience, if you work hard you will earn the respect and the salary you deserve. I wish Connells every success with their acquisition, and welcome the Burchell Edwards team to our company. Good luck and well done.

    • 09 November 2011 21:54 PM
  • icon

    If JKM not in "severe financial difficulty" why have so many people been sacked from their head office today?

    Any answers Harry Hill?

    • 09 November 2011 19:55 PM
  • icon

    Burchell Edwards was a strong, reputable & successful business when run by Tim Burchell before he sold to Bruce in 2006. To see the criticisms levelled at the business because of the alleged activities of the Bruce brothers is very saddening for an ex member of Tims team.
    Have never seen so many angry and critical comments on any subject previously featured in these pages.

    • 09 November 2011 18:34 PM
  • icon

    Am certainly not surprised to hear any of this about JKM. There are numerous forums that support comments here http://www.talkphotography.co.uk/forums/showthread.php?t=319387 or http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/showthread.php?p=45956305&posted=1

    • 09 November 2011 17:11 PM
  • icon

    My daughter has worked for these con artists for the past year, (plus many hours unpaid). She has just called me in tears, they have finished her!!

    • 09 November 2011 15:49 PM
  • icon

    Mr Burglar - You note that there are very few congratulations for the Bruces Brothers on the posts. It's no coincidence that they are vilified. I have had dealings with them and can confirm what the other posts allude to. They are not to be trusted

    • 09 November 2011 15:09 PM
  • icon

    Nothing amusing intended


    • 09 November 2011 14:48 PM
  • icon

    @Burglar, not another all-wise prophet.

    There is a difference between what is being posted on here and being villified because you are succesful.

    And you're probably not liked because you think that calling yourself Mr Burglar on an estate agency website is funny.

    • 09 November 2011 14:30 PM
  • icon

    Successful people are often vilified

    I am good at what I do and often it is said I am not liked by those who are less successful


    • 09 November 2011 14:11 PM
  • icon

    Having had the painful pleasure to have worked at Burchell Edwards when the Bruces' first took it over I can only say that in 'Bruce World' and their encouraged 'Spanish practises', the client comes last everytime and I would imagine this will apply to anything they get their grubby fingers on. More the fool for anyone dealing with them with any of their 'Bruce World' ideas....more fool me for staying more than a few weeks. Steer clear of this mob ! Harry Hill I thought you would have known better.

    • 09 November 2011 13:20 PM
  • icon

    If Comet had to pay someone 50 million to buy them, God knows what these sold for.

    • 09 November 2011 12:55 PM
  • icon

    Perhaps Harry Hill wants to make them as good as CPL and Countrywide but then again I doubt they can go backwards that far?

    • 09 November 2011 12:31 PM
  • icon

    Mr Hill needs to spend all of that retirement money I've earnt him over the years somehow.

    • 09 November 2011 12:29 PM
  • icon

    Would recommend that nobody dealing with property deals with the Bruce brothers or any company they are involved in. Vile people to deal with. Cannot understand why Harry Hill and other big names have got involved with these blokes. Reputations are going to go downhill, Mr Hill

    • 09 November 2011 12:26 PM
  • icon

    Burchell Edwards
    Ashley Adams
    JKM Property Solutions
    BE Legal

    All terrible terrible services.

    • 09 November 2011 12:17 PM
  • icon


    'Waste of money....... all agency will be on line within 5-10 years so why companies are still spending huge sums of money on high street branches is totally beyond me!'

    Yeah, they said that 5-10 years ago.

    • 09 November 2011 11:59 AM
  • icon

    Waste of money....... all agency will be on line within 5-10 years so why companies are still spending huge sums of money on high street branches is totally beyond me!

    • 09 November 2011 11:50 AM
  • icon

    How clever is Connells corporate dept?
    These are the guys who sold their 18% stake in Rightmove in December 2008 when the shares were £1.55.
    They are now £14.
    A misjudgement almost on the scale of Gordon Brown's sale of our gold reserves when the price was on the floor.

    • 09 November 2011 11:13 AM
  • icon

    Dont worry about Connells. Worry about what Rightmove are doing. Do you know that they have started adding the marketing date on the rental pages for your properties along with the actual number of days that the property has been marketed. They say home searchers have asked for it

    My advice is that you should make an urgent complaint.

    When I complained they told me it was good for agents as we would be able to get asking prices down. Watch out as they will be publishing the same on sales properties if we let them....They seem to have forgotten who is paying their fees....

    • 09 November 2011 11:11 AM
  • icon

    Burchell Edwards and BE Legal Still owe me money over 25k to be precise, they are crooks who never pay their suppliers especially the bruce brothers Michael and kenny. not sure why any company will want to work with them and i know that they will never succeed in any endeavour they put their hands on until they start to become good business people. good luck to connells who have inherited a dodgy business from the dodgy crew!

    • 09 November 2011 11:06 AM
  • icon

    @ Harry Hill - perhaps if Connells are so clever they could 'acquire' a firm of copyright lawyers to advise them that stealing another agent's photo's for their own marketing use (without the copyright holder's permisson) is illegal and downright unprofessional.

    I speak from experience as it was my work that was stolen and used to undercut my company's rate on a rental thereby winning the business.

    No - I will not reveal my real name for obvious reasons.

    • 09 November 2011 10:27 AM
  • icon

    Good luck to Connells with the purchase. I hope they continue to recommend the JKM biz to vendors as we have picked up loads of instructions in our town after every deal they did had a complaint from buyer & seller.

    Personalised service in the actual location will sell houses every time, No gimmicks.

    • 09 November 2011 10:24 AM
  • icon

    Like PrbroAgent we have tried to get a JKM deal through but it has taken so long they buyer withdrew. The "partnership" agent who used to deal with us has left, told us that they charge a fixed £8k plus VAT in every deal PLUS cost of works but never made any money because they couldn't deliver it on time. We have stopped recommending to vendors now.

    • 09 November 2011 10:20 AM
  • icon

    All good stuff

    Firms like Conells would not be buying agents if they though the market was going to crash even further. They would be saving their cash for a rainy day.

    Perhaps we are at the bottom.


    • 09 November 2011 10:05 AM
  • icon

    It's hardly Marsh and Parsons is it? LSL miles ahead.

    I am sure all those who lost their jobs are delighted the Bruces have had a payday.Break out the white socks BE staff that are left.

    Yes Harry, The Skipton who of course owns Connell, s are a very wise organisation and run them very well.

    • 09 November 2011 10:05 AM
  • icon

    Harry Hill - with such self interest you would make comments in the way you have, now wouldn't you? You have 1.5m reasons so a bit of honesty would have helped.

    • 09 November 2011 09:59 AM
  • icon

    Don't you just love comments from people, many of whom seem incapable of constructing a sensible sentence, and then "hide" behind idiotic pen names.
    Anyone who has ever dealt with Connells can not fail to be impressed by their performance over 2 decades in an industry that only ever rewards people and businesses of quality-and if, after their own due diligence, they have decided that Burchell Edwards is a quality addition to their network-that's good enough for me! Good luck to all involved.

    • 09 November 2011 09:51 AM
  • icon

    I'm aware of someone who was marketing thru JKM but when a buyer was introduced who didn't want the house titilating and wanted to offer a base price which was close to the market value of the property in its current condition, the offer was turned down by JKM without consulting the vendor, apparently as they wouldn't be making any profit on the deal.

    I'm sure it was all above board, not in anyway a breach of the estate agents act and that the vendor had been asked to sign something to say they didn't want to be notified of such offers, but in my opinion JKMs decision wasn't in the best interests of their vendor.

    • 09 November 2011 09:39 AM
  • icon

    You have no idea who Harry Hill is !!.
    How long have you been in the business ?.
    Harry built up the largest UK Estate Agents chain.
    You must of heard of Countrywide ?. He was also
    instrumental in the launch of the Ombudsman for Estate Agents, he basically brought up Nationwide for I believe £1 in the recession and the rest is history.

    • 09 November 2011 09:31 AM
  • icon

    Terrible management, awful people http://forum.moneysavingexpert.com/showthread.php?t=3221360

    • 09 November 2011 09:05 AM
  • icon

    I don't know who Harry Hill is but has he really has put £1.5m into these jokers!. I worked for this shower for a month delivering these projects and they are clueless. everybody I started with left due to salaries and expenses not being paid and contractors did not get paid either. No idea how to deliver a quality job.

    • 09 November 2011 09:02 AM
  • icon

    Getting sales by these tactics is all very normal practice. From my dealing with Burchells I would be surprised if there are any staff left to open the office never mind sell a house. Picked up keys on 3 occasions in one month and was introduced to 3 difference branch managers. Went to a survey for a "JKM Solution" property and could not be given any breakdown of cost by the branch and they had no idea how the scheme worked. Hope Sequence sort them out

    • 09 November 2011 08:53 AM
  • icon

    Re Shark Attack's comments - does anybody out there (in a sales role) NOT have targets? Staff meetings? Marketing ideas that are "strange" in as much as they attempt to make you stand out from your competitors?

    I'm nothing at all to do with Connells by the way.

    • 09 November 2011 08:43 AM
  • icon

    Hey thats one more office than Marsh and Parsons - so if they'd gone to LSL would have been in for over £50m!!

    • 09 November 2011 08:34 AM
  • icon

    my heart helt feelings go out to the staff of Burchell Edwards. having worked for connells/sequence welcome to the world of targets no fee negotiation, area managers, strange marketing ideas, call me cards, door step conversations, and weekly and monthly meetings......God Bless you all

    • 09 November 2011 07:21 AM
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