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With so many letting only agent saying ‘As a Specialist Letting Agent, we deal solely with lettings rather than 'an estate agent that also does lettings’. One of the things that make Specialist Letting Agent stand out is their property management team.

Most successful lettings business will tell you the key to their continued growth is excellent property management. Many agents fail in lettings due to their lack of investment in this costly and specialist area. Failures in property management can be costly with businesses facing compensation claims, fines and in some cases prison sentences as well as the damage to a brand.  

Property management can be difficult with so many rules, regulations and tasks to perform often under duress. A property manager must be organized, a great communicator and be able to work under pressure dealing with stressful situations on a regular basis.

For example, small maintenance issues may not seem highly important to some landlords (especially as it means spending money) but to a tenant who is trying to enjoy living in the property they can be a big issue. The skill of a property manager is to communicate with both parties as an effective ‘go between’ making sure the tenant is enjoying safe living conditions and the landlord’s asset is being protected. With the wrong type person in property management or a lack of relevant skill many situations can be made worse resulting in wasted time and money as well as damaging the businesses reputation.

ARPM clients know and trust we have the right people managing their properties;  “The 24 hour 365 day contact and emergency service has provided our Tenants with confidence that property management issues will be attended to promptly and has given our Landlords peace of mind that their properties are in reliable hands”

For more information on how ARPM could help your business please call 01923 775705 or email info@arpm.co.uk


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