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Written by rosalind renshaw

EAT has been asked by Referenceline to carry the following:

“Further to our story about Allagents and their claim that they are the only site that can provide this data based solely on your customers’ experience, we have been asked by Referenceline to point out that they also provide data based solely on customers’ experiences.”

Although the ESTA organisers (who have no connection whatever with either Referenceline or Allgents)  have raised no objection to our story, which quoted from an email sent to agents by Allagents, we can also point out that the annual ESTAs (estate and letting agent awards) are also based on customer feedback.

The ESTA organisers have been collating customer data to recognise the best agents for customer service since 2003.


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    Referenceline works with the Property Ombudsman, providing the independent customer feedback required by the Office of Fair Trading.

    Reputations aren’t built overnight in a flurry of emails: On the internet, as in the real world, it’s about building a consistent Track Record over a period of months and years.

    The OFT-Approved Code sets the standard: Agents verify that reviews are from genuine clients. Clients give detailed feedback on the main points of the code; Low-rated feedback is reported to the Property Ombudsman and overall results are monitored by the TPO and OFT.

    Most of all: It’s not about Ratings – it’s about People: As the wordclouds on our site for firms like McRae’s, TWGaze and others show: if you want “excellent, professional, courteous, friendly, attentive” service, then “Carol, Mandy and Graeme” can help you.

    • 24 February 2012 14:38 PM
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    I assume Referenceline organises the ESTA's?

    Am I being thick as usual or aren't the ESTA's based solely on nominations for awards in recognition of good service?

    As opposed to a site carrying one sided comments usually derogatory?

    The last sentence says it all surely and until Referenceline host Oscars for the worst performers I don't see what they are worried about. In fact who wants to be mentioned in the same breath as Allagents anyway?

    • 24 February 2012 09:56 AM