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Industry insiders from around the country are telling EAT that even after only two weeks of the year, demand is up.

“It’s been the busiest start to a January I can remember for a long time, but realistic pricing still seems crucial” says agent Jonathan Cunliffe of Savills in Truro.

A spokesman for Reallymoving.com - a comparison site for people wanting removals, conveyancing, surveys and other transaction-related services - says: “We’ve had 106 per cent more registrations in the first two weeks of 2014 than in the same period of 2013”.

“There have been more instructions and sales: it’s been busier all round. Buyer and seller perception of the market has swung in a positive manner” notes Oliver Symons of Henley estate agency Ballards.

And Jane Summers of Devon agency March and Petit says: “Viewings are still strong into the new year. We’re agreeing some sales in January.”

All of this proves absolutely nothing but it shows that agents are seeing on the ground in recent days the momentum shown in a string of house prices indices over recent weeks.


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    I don't even...

    What the hell has happened to EAT!?

    • 18 January 2014 13:14 PM
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    HEADLINE: "Agents tell EAT about strong start to 2014

    TEXT: "Industry insiders from around the country..."

    REALITY: THREE Agents are quoted from Devon, Cornwall and Oxfordshire.

    EAT please note the following:

    In your release dated Wednesday 8 January you stated that one of your new Editors "is critical of the ‘fluffy’ property journalism that appears in some papers and prefers writing stories on the state of the market across the UK."

    Well... in THIS PARTICULAR PILE OF FLUFF, the two first counties you listed above are scrunched up into the little pointy bit at the bottom left of England. The third is also slightly outside of the M25 - but THEY DO NOT REPRESENT the "around the country" claim you make in the story or in your earlier announcement.

    Modern technology allows those of us in the 'flat cap & whippet brigade' to be contacted by at least TWO methods, you know. Try picking up the phone and ringing an Agent in Leeds, Manchester, Newcastle - or even if those outlying areas scare you too much, how's about Birmingham?

    Allow me to impart to you a very valid 'trainer-speak' saying:

    The gap between expectation and reality is filled with disappointment.

    I'm feeling badly let down by this "brand new shiny EAT".

    The gap seems immeasurable from where I'm sitting.

    • 18 January 2014 10:33 AM
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