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Written by rosalind renshaw

Estate agency recruiter Josh Rayner is hoping to persuade 30 of his clients to join him in a sleep-on-the-streets event for charity.

Ryaner himself will be participating in Sleep Out 2013, in aid of homeless charity Centrepoint on November 7.

Centrepoint’s flagship fundraising event, it started in 2005 and has grown from 50 people sleeping out in its first year to 1,500 people in 2012.

Last year, it raised £450,000 and hopes to do even better this year, with simultaneous events across the UK in Edinburgh, Cardiff, Bath, Birmingham, Manchester, Norwich and Southampton and a fundraising target of £500,000.
Rayner said: “We are asking estate agents up and down the country to bed down in a sleeping bag for just one night to help give homeless people a future. Our entire business is about putting roofs over people’s heads so it’s a particularly worthwhile cause for anyone in the estate agency profession.”
The event has been controversial in the past, and this year even provides music, entertainment, security, dinner, a licensed bar and a hot breakfast the following day.

But it is stressed that its purpose is not to replicate homelessness but to raise money and awareness for homeless young people.

Anyone wishing to join Rayner and his team should email josh@estateagencyallstars.co.uk


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    Oh dear.

    Previous poster is suffering from terminal stereotypicalitis - a nasty affliction that basically allows the @r$ehole to assume command of the mind...

    There is no cure. Simply ignore and it will crawl up its own.

    • 04 November 2013 09:57 AM
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    Would be better if they got these toe rags to cut out the drugs / booze / gambling / thieving & get a job.

    #sickofpayingfortheseparasites #lifestylechoice

    • 02 November 2013 17:29 PM
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