Lettings offices can be busy places with a never ending ‘to do list’.  Firstly there’s the need to source new Landlords and then there’s the race to find a Tenant for the new instruction.  At this point Agents have two options, either they can take the burden of dealing with holding deposits, instructing contractors, referencing, landlord questions, tenancy agreements and deposit schemes upon themselves, or they can look to outsource all these elements and free themselves up to concentrate on growing their business and gaining new instructions.

ARPM, one of the largest outsourced property management providers in the UK offers a finely tuned Pre Tenancy Administration service designed to take away the hassle and stress from Agents.  Once a suitable Tenant has been found and the subject to contract Let has been negotiated, a simple ‘New Let Form’ is completed and sent to ARPM.  From this information, ARPM take over the whole process, acting in the Agents interest to enable the Let to proceed as quickly as possible, whilst ensuring that all compliance issues are dealt with and the relevant contractors have been instructed.   Should it transpire that guarantors will be needed, ARPM will deal with this accordingly, with the minimum of disruption, to ensure that the Let proceeds as planned.                                                            

Dave Hunt, Business Development Director of ARPM ‘Strangely enough, this is one area which Clients initially worry about outsourcing as they think they will be losing valuable income streams.  Our charging structure however still allows for Clients to receive healthy income and furthermore takes away the pressure of compliance issues – for example creating tenancy agreements and ensuring that deposits are registered correctly.  We can also arrange for any necessary works to be carried out prior to the tenancy commencing, such as gas safety inspections and the preparation of inventories.  ARPM offers a truly simple Pre Tenancy Administration solution’.

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