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Complete My Sale, the UK’s largest sales progression service for Estate Agents, Mortgage Brokers and Property Developers today have today released a report detailing how their ‘white label’ service can improve the overall sales performance of their estate agents clients within just 4 weeks.

The report asked estate agents for feedback around three core areas:

·         Their customers’ (vendors and purchasers) satisfaction with the sales progression process.

·         The efficiency, speed and accuracy of the sales progression service received.

·         If they had noticed an increase in the number of new instructions since joining Complete My Sale

The headline results where that customer service levels on average increased by 150%, this was measured via a short survey sent to both the vendor and the purchaser after the transaction was complete.

Complete My Sale commented via email that “We are always very confident that customer satisfaction levels will increase because it is the sole purpose of our role to manage that process. We treat each sale with the same high level of importance whether the sale due to complete next week, or next month – each sale will be carefully moved forward to ensure a completion”

A remarkable 92% of estate agents surveyed reported a “significant” improvement to their business within just 4 weeks of handing their first sale over to Complete My Sale. This was determined  by asking what the estate agents thought of the efficiency, speed and accuracy of the sales progression role provided.

Sue Ralston, Director, Complete My Sale “We have invested heavily in to creating our own highly sophisticated sales progression software. This has enabled us to massively streamline the entire sales progression process and virtually eliminating errors and delays caused by traditional methods.

Our software can integrate with a number of leading estate agent software packages via secure API. Estate agents also have direct access to our online system, running on military grade security, so they have instant access to the most up to date information on all their sales.”

Increase in the Number of New Sales

One of the most positive messages in the report was that 78% of estate agents noticed an increase in the number of new instructions since they joined Complete My Sale. This was thought to be a result of the sales negotiators having more time available to meet potential vendors, which in turn resulted in more property being taken on. 

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