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Another Christmas agency video - this time an annual treat…

It’s always a treat each year to see the video and Christmas images produced by RedDoor Homes, a hard-working independent agency...

04 December 2020

From: Breaking News

Deck the offices! More agents’ festive photos as Christmas nears…

We have two more terrific agents’ offices today in the latest of our gallery of Christmas decorations. You can be here too...

09 December 2019

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Christmas fun galore in today's videos from festive agents

You are an enterprising lot! Today we’ve got two fantastic Christmas videos from agents who’ve kindly responded to our call for...

04 December 2019

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Invest in online agencies! What could possibly go wrong...?

We like a good video here at Estate Agent Today, and we know our industry can take a joke even if...

10 June 2019

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A cool Yule video, life-size Santa and festive ties - more office decs!

Hello and welcome to the Wednesday edition of your Christmas agency branch decorations - and what a festive lot you are.  Before...

05 December 2018

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Property Natter: How to improve your agency - a view from the inside

For my latest Property Natter I have sought the opinions of two well-known property consultants - Michael Day, managing director of...

01 April 2017

From: Features

For the weekend...two more agency Mannequin Challenges

There’s no shortage of acting and video skill in our industry is there? At least if your terrific Mannequin Challenge performances...

02 December 2016

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