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Experts reveal four ways to stop your house from overheating

A recent study revealed that as many as 4.6 million homes in England overheat. With highs of 40°C this week and warnings from climate change experts to start expecting weather extremes more frequently, how can we keep our homes cool? Experts from window specialists at Safestyle have revealed four tips to help you keep your house cool in the heatwave. 

1. If you don’t have double glazing, try this

To get hot air out of your home, Adam Pawson, head of digital at Safestyle says: “If you have double-glazed windows you’re in luck as these help to keep a room cooler as well as keeping the heat in too. However, even if you don’t, don’t worry because there is a simple tip that will help you get hot air out of your home. 

“Once the temperature has cooled down, open your windows which don’t have sunlight facing them. This bit is important because you want to avoid more hot air entering your home. Then, place fans opposite the windows but at the back of the room to push hot air out of your house. You could also damp some towels and cool in the fridge before placing them next to fans to make the air flow cooler. 


“If the sun is still on one side of your home, close the windows and curtains and block the sunlight with a towel or bed sheets. This will help to stop more heat getting in.”

2. When to open your windows and when to keep them shut

When we are hot, it is tempting to crack open all of our windows in our house. However, this isn’t always the smartest option. Deciding whether to keep our windows closed or open them slightly involves considering the direction the sun is facing. North-facing and south-facing windows need different treatment when it comes to cooling down our rooms. 

Adam tells us: “Choosing whether to open your windows or keep them closed depends on their positioning. If your windows are south-facing, it is best to keep them and your curtains or blinds closed during the daytime to keep the hot air out. If it does get too hot and humid however, open your north-facing windows to allow a draft, but again, keep your curtains or blinds closed to deflect any sunlight.”

3. The TikTok tinfoil hack - does it work?

All over TikTok, people have rushed to block out their windows with tin foil to try and keep cool, but does it actually work? Adam says: “Blocking your windows with tinfoil will help to keep your rooms cooler in the heat as it reflects the heat back outside. However, it is really important to be careful to place the tinfoil on the outside of your windows rather than inside to prevent the glass from getting too hot.”

4. Make sure to remove these items from your window sills

To prepare for the heat, make sure you move any light-reflecting objects away from windows as these can be quite dangerous when exposed to intense, direct sun-light. Adam advises: “Make sure to move objects such as beauty mirrors away from direct sunlight and off windowsills in the heatwave as they can concentrate the sun’s rays and cause other nearby objects such as clothing to set fire. This goes the same for other reflective items such as glasses of water too.

“It is also important to keep aerosols such as deodorants and sprays out of direct sunlight as these items can easily build-up pressure and explode.”

For more information on how to stay cool, visit the Safestyle blog: https://www.safestyle-windows.co.uk/news/

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