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Top tips for maximising Google ads leads on a modest budget

Google can be a very costly source for marketing but there are ways to keep a tight lid on your budget while still maximising leads.

Most Google ads service providers try to get you to the top of the first page of Google for the most popular – and expensive – keywords. This approach usually leads to an absurd monthly bill with precious little to show for it.

There are two major reasons why this approach is a bad idea:

  1. It prices independent business owners out of the market – you end up competing with the big agents and getting crumbs.
  2. Unless your website has been specifically designed and optimised for conversions, you may be losing opportunities. The average website has too many distractions and the average consumer will start clicking away and disappear down the wrong path or become frustrated and leave the site altogether. Less is more with Google – having a clear call to action and a user-friendly journey makes all the difference.

Small budgets can have big wins

We’ve developed a strategy to combat this – a tailored process to help you get more bangs for your buck:

  • Set a standard budget of £10 per day, per campaign for the first month (enough time for you to gather sufficient data to review)
  • Only bid on low cost, high conversion keywords to maximise value
  • Avoid keywords that cost a high amount per click. Even if you want them in your campaign, the cost will not be worth it in the long run.
  • Adopt a fiercely targeted approach, laser-focusing on keywords and search terms so they go up in Google’s relevance score and are shown more frequently
  • Utilise the ValPal tool because we know it is a top converting landing page with minimal distraction and, based on the keywords we use in the campaign, will be hyper-relevant for the search items
  • Incorporate keywords into the advert itself, so ad copy matches as closely as possible to search terms
  • DO NOT use additional assets in Google (such as display advertising or site links) – just another distraction (and more about vanity than lead generation)
  • For additional campaigns, we recommend building specific ValPal landing pages with trackable phone numbers, simple data capture forms and minimal distractions, rather than using your own website. This will maximise lead generation and ROI without overspending.

5 key takeaways for running Google ads

  1. Do your research: Keyword research is a MUST before launching any Google ads. Try to keep them focused to avoid high cost per click.
  2. Have a simple, high-converting landing page with a seamless data capture form, like ValPal. Avoid distractions!
  3. Be clear in your offering: Ensure your ad is clear, concise with an explicit call to action. Match your keywords to your ad copy for consistency.
  4. Set your budget: Limit it to £10 per day to start with and when something is working, increase the spend or expand the campaign.
  5. Launch one advert with one campaign goal to test hyper-relevant keywords you’ve researched. You can always broaden this later when you’re seeing positive results.

If you’d like to learn more about how we run successful lead generation Google ads for our clients, feel free to get in touch with Steph on 0208 663 4940 or email steph.rady@angelsmedia.co.uk

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