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PropTech Leader who’s been at the cutting edge for 25 years

Deepak Chandrababu is no stranger to problem-solving. He’s been doing it for 25 years.

As Chief Operating Officer of Technology Blueprint Ltd. (TBL), he has helped the PropTech company achieve its current position as market leader in the lettings sector and watched it grow and grow.

He says: “Two and a half decades is quite a long time – especially in a turbulent lettings sector. It’s a generation, isn’t it?


“We started way back in 1994 with a DOS product. Not everyone remembers this. We used to install the software on to the computers. So, in 25 years we have seen our products develop at the same time as own organisation has developed.

“This puts us in a good position when it comes to PropTech – especially in the space of Residential Lettings. We have seen the ups and downs of the industry and have contributed significantly to a lot of changes. Whenever there has been new legislation, that means there is a new compliance.

“Or if a customer is facing a new problem, we have always been at the forefront of trying to find a technical solution through the software that’s going to make the customer’s journey easier.

“I think that’s one of the main reasons we still are market leaders. We’re still able to give the good, high-quality service that our customers require.”

Genuine need

TBL offers a comprehensive range of consultancy services on the development, functionality, and integration of PropTech as well as delivering application, web development, infrastructure, and business processes.

“We look at it more like this. Are we helping our customers solve their problems?” says Deepak Chandrababu.

“If a customer has a genuine need and if we can make their life better for their end customers, we are servicing landlords, tenants, and contractors through our agents. We ask ourselves how we make the journey comfortable and easy for every single person at every single touch point.

“And when we talk about the product suite, we have a product, our letting software which has been there for 25 years; we have a back office account outsourcing function where we complement the letting agents in providing additional manpower and support if they want to scale up or if they want to save cost and introduce efficiencies.

“We have CheckDocs which is a compliance product taking care of Right to Rent and HMO licensing.

“So each one of these services caters to the specific needs for a customer. “

Please click on the video below to view Nat Daniels’ full interview with Deepak Chandrababu


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